I feel like a strange combination of wanting to throw up, pee my pants, and jump up and down with joy.

Y’all. I just… I have all the feelings. I can’t form words.

But I *can* show you the cover of Even If Not, my very first book.

Isn’t she lovely?

(Please don’t tell me if you think otherwise.)

I’ve spent more days working on the interior formatting and the cover and the margins and the gutter and the front-matter than I did actually writing the book. So there’s that. But praise hands because this little book has been accepted by the printing company (after only 427 revisions, let’s be honest) and is now on GoodReads like thousands of other legit books.

I am beside myself.

The book will release in February but in the mean time, it would mean so much if you’d add the book to your GoodReads “Want to Read” list and maybe share an image or tweet from ?

Add Even If Not to your GoodReads list!

I’m sure I should say 20 other things to help market the book in this post, but really it’s just this:

My prayer is that God will get this book into the hands of the ones who need it. I’m blown away by how it all came together and I’m encouraged by so many people who have supported and shared this book with friends and family and online people. This is a bit surreal, but it’s also completely exciting and yeah, makes me nervous as all get out. You can read or share but most of all, your prayers are appreciated so very much.