I have a confession.

I grew up in the church, went through the AWANA program, gradated college with a minor in Religion, and am pretty decent at memorizing Scripture.

But meditating on the Word of God? Well.

(Memorizing is a mental thing that leads to meditating, which is more of a heart thing.)

There are seasons, of course, when I’m much better about this than other times. But most of the time, if we’re being honest, I just don’t think about a particular verse throughout the day. I can memorize a few sentences and spit them back out when needed, but I don’t dwell.

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If you’re signed up for The Table (my somewhat sassy monthly newsletter that includes freebies, good reads, and behind-the-screen news), I shared a little about this last month. Today I want to say a bit more…

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In January I listened to a podcast from Passion City Church. As Louie Giglio spoke about the difference between memorizing and meditating on Scripture, I felt the Holy Spirit convicting me. And in the very same breath, I felt encouraged and strengthened to begin. To try. To open the Word and let it soak in so deep that if life squeezes me like a sponge, His truth will be my response.

It’s a cheesy metaphor, I know, but life tends to knock us down and I’m bound to fair much better if I come up swinging with the Word of God instead of my own words. (Trust me.)

I had to start somewhere and it felt daunting, to be honest. When I asked God a simple question (“Hey… I want to work on this. Where do I begin?”), one memory almost immediately came to mind: a particular morning in Haiti last March.

I haven’t written about that morning, but let me sum it up here: spiritual warfare is real. I have seen it firsthand, I have lived it, and you can not convince me that it was merely a coincidence when I experienced the worst night terror of my life while serving in Haiti.

But the following morning as I sat there clutching my water bottle, breathing deeply and desperately trying to blink the fog away, a friend opened her Bible and said, “Hey, we have a few extra minutes. Anybody want me to read anything out loud this morning?” Someone suggested Psalm 91 and I worked real hard to keep my jaw from dropping as she read a passage of Scripture about God being our refuge in the night when terror comes.

So. Yes. Psalm 91 it was.

If you’re subscribed to The Table, you know that I memorized four verses in two weeks. But the number didn’t really matter because after two weeks, I realized that I had been meditating on the truth of the words every day. I started to say the words out loud while making dinner, driving around town running errands, brushing my teeth, etc. There wasn’t a “right” or “wrong” time because any time of day would work.

As a visual learner, I knew I needed to see the verses often. Enter: iPhone lockscreens. These have been my background for weeks now and every time I pick up my phone (which is, umm, a lot) I can’t help but see the verse I’m currently spending time with.

Listen, I sure don’t have this figured out. But I do know that it’s working for me and it’s changing my daily life. It’s ordinary and honestly not very special… certainly not impressive… but I hope it encourages you to figure out what works for you. Copy me, do your own thing, whatever. At least try. One verse is better than nothing.

As of today, I have almost the entire Psalm memorized but honestly, I don’t really care. What matters is that my heart has been soaking in truth and when the darkness comes, as it most certainly will, I can hold out and hold onto the Light.

In fact, as you read these words I am somewhere in the air on my way to Haiti. And most likely? I’m repeating Psalm 91 under my breath.

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