Hey hey, happy November 16th!

I’ve been documenting my day over on Instagram stories not because my life is super interesting, but because today is my birthday (cue the balloons and confetti).

You’ve probably already gathered this from the dozens of blog posts from the past year, but 23 has been a doozy. I released a book and planted roots in Birmingham (Birminghome) and learned, at least somewhat, how to hold both grief and joy together.

faithful #handlettering

God has, as always, been faithful in every way. But to be honest, this year has been one of the very hardest. I’m not sure I’ve ever been more ready to wave goodbye to a year and say hello to a fresh start. But listen, 24 sounds SOLID. It sounds so established and sure, like I should have my life together and stuff figured out.

Yeah, I don’t.

But I’m growing and learning and more than ever, this next year I want to collect moments and not things. I want to choose memories over to-do lists, people over platforms, and relationships over results.

collect moments... not things (free print)

I made this print as a little birthday gift to you… it’s a good reminder for my next year (and hopefully for your upcoming holidays) to keep Christ and our loved ones the focus of our lives, to love much and love well, to do our best and let the rest go, trusting He holds it all (and holds us) together.

You can click on the image or right here to download the print. I’ll be sending lots of other goodies to email subscribers on Friday (11/18), if you want to receive those as well! Just make sure you’re signed up by subscribing over here.

free prints!

Thank you for joining me, year after year, here in this little corner of the Internet. Even in the messy moments of this year, this place and you people have been nothing but a true gift to me. I’m incredibly grateful for every comment, social share, email conversation, and book purchase. You show me over and over again what community looks like and truly, I appreciate each of you so much.

Here’s to fresh starts, new chapters, and the Author who holds the pen. May my history be His story.

P.s. If you’re feeling extra-kind and want to purchase a copy of Even If Not for yourself or a friend, that would straight up make my day. It’s a book for the broken hopefuls, the ones looking for Jesus in the in between seasons of life. And for the record? I think it would make a really great Christmas gift for a loved one who’s going through a rough time.