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FUN, HAPPY NEWS (cue the confetti)! Even If Not is now available worldwide.


The ebook version of Even If Not: Living, Loving and Learning in the in Between is here! It includes all 9 prints (scroll down on this page to preview) in full-color and the Table of Contents is even linked to each individual chapter for easy viewing (#SoFancy).

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Even If Not: Living, Loving, and Learning in the in Between

For the ones walking in the in between, the ones in the middle of the story, the ones who make plans, set goals and dream big dreams, but then life happened and well, now what?

Where do you turn and how do you live when relationships break apart, darkness falls and you don’t know which way to turn? Even If Not is a journey through the in between and a dare to whisper those three little words, no matter what season you find yourself in.

As you wrestle through questions and doubt . . . When the dark is pulling you down and down further . . . When you’ve prayed for years and nothing appears to be happening . . .

If we believe that God could come through — and He can — and if we believe that He hears our prayers and knows our hearts — and He does — will we trust Him if His answer doesn’t look like ours and instead of saving the day, His plan is to draw us closer to Him in the midst of it all?

It is my prayer that this book will be a kind companion to the one walking through the in between. The truth is, though, that we’re all living in the ampersand, smack in the middle of the story He’s writing with our days. Our lives are the stories and although we are part of the Kingdom, today we find our feet planted on earth, and so when life isn’t sunshine and roses, what will we say of the God who holds the pen?

Even if not, Lord. We’ll say that we love you – even if not.



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9 free prints from the book Even If Not: Living, Loving, and Learning in the in Between

Please note: the prints from Even If Not were made by yours truly, Jennifer Tucker, Lilah Higgins, Sarah Elmore, Tori Gillit, Mary Grace Sanford, and Abby from Wayfaren Co.



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We need to know we can trust the Author. We need to know whatever happens we are not done yet. That is what Kaitlyn Bouchillon beautifully, honestly and powerfully offers our hearts in this book. When I got to the final page it didn’t feel like the end; it felt like a new chapter of hope in my life was ready to begin
Holley Gerth, Wall Street Journal bestselling author of You’re Already Amazing



Even If Not is a sweet, grace-filled read to help you fill in the blanks that fall after life’s question marks.
Kayla Aimee, author of Anchored: Finding Hope in the Unexpected


LisaJo_EndorsementThis is a book about fighting for faith & community, a book about hurting & healing, a book about living our stories & then sharing them with others. This is a book that reminds us that life in all its broken, beautiful glory is never static – it’s always growing around us and connecting our highs and our lows with that ampersand – the space where most of us live. And Kaitlyn generously and bravely unpacks her in between moments to help us recognize and celebrate our own.
Lisa-Jo Baker, author of Surprised by Motherhood and community manager for (in)courage



Even If Not is a tender, gracious read that will not only help you more fully receive the love and care of your tender, gracious Savior, it will help you settle into your own spectacular life story. With wisdom beyond her years, Kaitlyn’s words moved Gospel truth from my head to my heart.
Kristen Strong, author of Girl Meets Change: Truths to Carry You through Life’s Transitions



I had barely read a few pages of Even If Not and I was in need of a highlighter to mark profound statements. King David once wrote that those who love God’s Word have more wisdom than the ancient and Kaitlyn’s writing is this principle on display in Even If Not. Get out your highlighter, and start mining the many nuggets that Kaitlyn has put in print.
Jackie Kendall, bestselling author of Lady in Waiting


Jennifer_EndorsementWe know how to put our faith in God when He comes through for us. But will we say that God is still good when life falls apart? Along comes Kaitlyn Bouchillon, a spiritual sojourner with a fresh and engaging voice, to help us. Kaitlyn tenderly leads us toward an enduring love in a trustworthy God. Even if Not is rich with the Gospel, sound truths, and personal stories that will inspire you. Read this book and be challenged – in all the best ways – to let God write the story you’re living.
Jennifer Dukes Lee, author of Love Idol


JoAnn_EndorsementIn Even If Not, Kaitlyn passionately lures us back to the present-moment, wooing us toward a life fully lived as we learn to immerse our hearts into the right-now, in between moments of life. Wrapped tenderly in God’s grace, Kaitlyn’s story is a steadfast reminder of how He intends to use every part of our lives—no matter how broken. Her words are a permission to surrender our best laid plans, and in the smack middle of creating a life around all those social media moments, to turn our hearts toward the certainty of a God who loves and redeems and transforms.
Jo Ann Fore, bestselling author of When a Woman Finds Her Voice


Even If Not book... I can't wait for this to release! Even If Not book... I can't wait for this to release! Even If Not book... I can't wait for this to release!


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Scars aren't something to be ashamed of... they tell your story. To receive an answer, first we must be brave enough to ask a question. We can trust the unknown to the God we know is authoring its pages.

God is the answer we've been looking for. No matter what today brings, all is well. We can't wait until we have all the answers to start fully living.

Sometimes the skeletons hanging in your closet become the dry bones that teach you how to dance. #EvenIfNotBook Click To Tweet Let petition and praise shape what you see as a problem into a prayer. #EvenIfNotBook Click To Tweet We don’t actually need to know the future, we just need to trust the One who authors it into being. #EvenIfNotBook Click To Tweet We were made to cheer and champion, not compare and compete. #EvenIfNotBook Click To Tweet We can’t plan for how God is going to move or work in our lives, but we can plan on Him doing so. #EvenIfNotBook Click To Tweet

God *will* heal and mend. It's what He does. Every single story is a miracle. Yeah, yours too. We can trust Him to write a best-seller with our lives.

Light is greater than the dark. Always. Truth: God has it all under control. God is always good. Always.

Christ is more than enough and Christ is in me, so therefore the striving can cease. #EvenIfNotBook Click To Tweet Sometimes strength isn't never being broken, but courageously growing strong in the broken places. #EvenIfNotBook Click To Tweet God is... Good. Gracious. Mighty. Merciful. Power. Promise. Jesus has come and He is with us. #EvenIfNotBook Click To Tweet The world that feels like it’s on your shoulders is really in His more than capable hands. #EvenIfNotBook Click To Tweet Our souls weren’t made for platforms. Our hands weren’t meant to build a stage. We’re called to build altars. Click To Tweet

                    Add Even If Not to your GoodReads list!          YES! Even If Not is now available!

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