*I am no longer the host of #fmfpartysnailmail. However, it is still going strong and I’d love for you to click right over here to find out more (or keep reading below!) and to sign up for the next round.*


This is the story of a tweet that turned into a community of hand-written word warriors. And this is your invitation to join us – because there is always room for another and the doors to community are open wide.

This is Five Minute Friday Snail Mail also known as #fmfpartysnailmail.


#fmfpartysnailmail cards


Maybe you’ve seen the hashtag and wondered what in the world everybody was talking about? Maybe all those Instagram pictures of cards have made you stop and wonder and then wish someone wrote you happy mail? Yeah, we got sick of all the junk mail, too. This is the place where we write one lady a kind, encouraging note each week. And we receive one each week, too! This is the place where we use our words for good. This is the place where something happy shows up in our mailbox. This is the place where community is built and we take relationships from the computer to the real life mailbox.

So, how does it work?

It’s really quite simply. You sign up and and completing the form you will be placed on a list.

uplift & inspireYou’ll receive an email with a list of the addresses you’ll send a card to. Then, each week you’ll write a short note to one woman on your list. Once you’re signed up, you will receive information on how to know who to write each week. It’s easy-peasy, I promise!

Each week you’ll write one card and receive one card. The final step is to keep checking your mailbox for the goodness that will arrive each week!

Here’s the thing: We all use our words in conversations and blog posts and tweets every day. We’re already spending them somewhere, but there are times we each need a pick-me-up. We can use our words – our written words – for good. It takes no more than five minutes to write a card. I typically pray over the card, include a word of encouragement, and select a verse to include inside. It’s a small way of building community, but these small steps have done big things. But don’t take my word for it – below you’ll find comments from other woman who have participated in #fmfpartysnailmail.

I loved the unexpected encouragement from another Christian woman in the form of REAL mail! The verses some of the ladies sent me were just what I needed to read. -LeeAnn Taylor


Knowing someone thought of me to send just a quick note in the mail makes all the difference! -Sarah Knepper


I loved seeing God’s hand in the timing and wording of each card, and I loved getting to know so many women in a new and different way. -Amy Boyd


I loved getting cards with Bible verses on them! I posted them in my kitchen as a way to memorize more of God’s Word. -Kim Adam


Encouragement and truth always came at the right time! I love how God works!!! -Karina Allen


There’s something holy about hand-writing words of encouragement that, even though it may be what you’d type in a comment box or something online, creates a certain type of bond with that person. Even though that person may or may not ever interact with you online, there’s that one moment of connection in the reading and writing of those hand-crafted notes. -Amy Krance-Wendt


I loved the increased personal connection I felt. I felt even more connected to the community by doing this. -Rebekah Ellis


I love how each woman sent me a scripture, and it was just what I needed to hear at that time. I also love getting to know people outside of twitter. It’s so personal, and that’s more my cuppa tea. -Chandra Hadfield


This began in a tweet and look at what God has done! He has been all over this and has moved through it. I’ll be the very first to stand up and say that I never saw the dream of community coming to my mailbox, but I’m so glad it did – and that it does every week.

The letters always show up right on time. I have no explanation for it but God. There are countless tweets of women apologizing for letters going out a day or two late and always – every single time – the woman receiving the letter responds that it arrived exactly when she needed it.

God can use something as small as a hand-written note.

He can and He does.

*#fmfpartysnailmail is open to women outside the U.S. as well! Although it will likely take extra days to send and receive mail, community is not bound by country lines. We would love to have you!

*this is not ONLY for bloggers! All women are welcome to join! It is, however, only for women – please and thank you. :)


  1. cary

    Aww, I’m late. But I want to send and receive snail mail letters across the country too!

    • Kaitlyn Bouchillon

      Stay tuned to this page or my blog Facebook page – all details for possible future rounds will be posted there!

  2. Diana Rockwell

    Kaitlyn the form is closed but it is not midnight on the 16th. You have my information as I participated in the last round. Let me know if I am too late. I hope not. Diana

    • Kaitlyn Bouchillon

      Hi Diana, I’m sorry but I don’t see anywhere on here that it says midnight.. the form closed yesterday. It was open for two weeks but the round is about to begin so it had to close. Sorry!

  3. airman2mom

    For some reason the form is already closed. Sad I missed it, maybe next time

    • Kaitlyn Bouchillon

      Hey there! Yes ma’am, the form closed this afternoon. It was open for two weeks but the round is about to begin so it had to close. Next time! :)

  4. Christy

    Just signed up! So excited to get some encouragement the old fashioned way. it will be much nicer than junk and bills in the mailbox! whoot!

  5. Tammy

    Woo-hoo! I didn’t miss this one! Thanks for organizing, Kaitlyn. I’m actually a words of encouragement person, so this is going to be a great blessing.

  6. homemakernette

    I’m back! I really want to do this again and look forward sending and receiving sister words.

  7. Claire

    Amazing! I’ll hope to join Round 5 :)

  8. marykatbpcsc45

    Hi, can’t wait to see whom I get to mail cards too. This sounds like a wonderful idea. I am so looking forward to it. :)

  9. Idalina

    I just signed up! This will be my first time participating and I’m so excited that someone thought of this!

  10. kelly @kellyblackwell

    I have been so blessed by this in the two rounds I have joined in. I can’t wait to be a part of the encouragement again!

  11. rebeccacarmen

    Hey I entered in my home address and not my current one on that doc can you hep me fix it? :)

  12. hopeful50

    I’m a newbie but I’m “all in”.

  13. Witch Wandering Through

    It sounds like such a lovely idea. Since I’m not Christian and can’t witness or do any sort of related devotional, I will refrain. I doubt my faith would be welcome.

    Have fun ladies!

    • Kaitlyn Bouchillon

      Hey there! You don’t need to be a Christian to participate in #fmfpartysnailmail, and I apologize for any confusion with that. We would love to have you join and writing the devotionals in option. :)

  14. Denise

    This is SO cool! Just heard about it today and can’t wait to send/receive REAL mail! :)

  15. Marcy Hanson

    Yay! So excited to jump back in!

  16. Carmen Horne

    I am so excited to be apart of this. I have wanted to for a bit but I seem to show up a little late for sign up. I made it! Thanks Kaitlyn for your sacrifice of time to make this happen.

    • Kaitlyn Bouchillon

      You’re more than “just in time” for this round – and I’m glad you’re going to be joining us! :)

  17. Barbie

    So excited!

  18. Larissa

    Perfect! I’ll send an e-mail tomorrow! I look forward to participating in Round 4!

  19. Larissa

    Wow! I love this idea and I am bummed that I missed it! Are you thinking about a Round 4? I’d also just love to know how you did this as I would love to duplicate it and give you all the credit of course! I am taking part in a gratitude challenge in November where we will send one card a day for the whole month and this would be great to incorporate into that challenge!

    • Kaitlyn Bouchillon

      Hey there! Yes ma’am, there will be a round 4! Not sure of when, but it will happen. Feel free to email me for more info about how it all worked on the backend… it’s a little long for a comment. :)


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