10 Free Summer iPhone Lock Screens

free summer lock screens

With the amount of times I pick up my phone for this that and the other, it’s important to me that I’m constantly looking at a beautiful reminder of Truth on the lock screen. Apparently you feel the same way, because every time I create prints or lock screens, you send me pictures of the art on your walls and phones!

With summer just beginning, I sat down to create new lock screens for the coming months. I asked on Instagram if you prefer bright and colorful or calm and soothing colors, clean or script fonts, and Scripture or quotes. The polls backfired a bit because the response was nearly 50/50 on each one. (Ha.) So instead of making 4 or 5 lock screens, I designed 10 with a good variety!

Hopefully one of these will fit the look you love. Download instructions (and links to additional freebies) can be found at the bottom of this post!

10 free summer iPhone lock screens:

free iPhone lock screen: James 1:17

free iPhone lock screen: Romans 12:12

free iPhone lock screen

free iPhone lock screen: John 1:5

free iPhone lock screen: quiet

free iPhone lock screen

free iPhone lock screen: Matthew 11:28

free iPhone lock screen: Micah 6:8

free iPhone lock screen

free iPhone lock screen: collect moments

how to download the lock screens:

If you’re on your phone, hold down on an image until you see options that include “save photo.” If you’re on a computer, right-click on an image and select “Open Image in New Tab.” Then right-click on the full image that comes up, download, email the image to yourself, and save it to your camera roll.

Then, from your iPhone, go to Settings –> Wallpaper –> Choose a New Wallpaper –> Camera Roll. Select the image and then click “Still” (not “Perspective”). You can then move the image around if you’d like. I always pretend like I’m shrinking the image (think: the opposite of if you were to zoom in). This allows the entire image to show.

For additional prints or iPhone lock screens, visit the Freebies page, check out the “lock screen” Highlight on my Instagram profile, or subscribe to emails. (Email subscribers receive exclusive prints and gifts right away and then every 1-2 months throughout the year.)

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free summer iPhone lock screens

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