Two Free Prints: Don’t Give Up

The words on these two free prints are ones I need to hear in my right-this-second life. Maybe you do, too?

I spent this weekend working on the next edition of The Table — my monthly(ish) newsletter full of behind-the-screen updates, in-process thoughts, my favorite reads from around the internet, and gifts just for subscribers.

Putting words around the past couple months has proven to be quite the task (surgery… a fire… an unexpected breaking) and I’ve returned to these two prints while writing out the behind-the-screen details that just aren’t meant for social media.

free print: Don't dig up in doubt what you planted in faith. - Elisabeth Elliot

Click here for the PDF download of “don’t dig up.”

The Table will go out later this week, and as always you’re invited to pull up a seat and subscribe. It’ll land directly in your inbox, and I hope you know how much that means to me. I say it in every single monthly(ish) edition… it’s my very favorite thing to write. Because if we could meet in person for coffee, these are the things I’m certain we’d talk about. We’d laugh and share recent happenings, vulnerably share the messy spaces, ramble a good bit and always remind each other of Truth.

If you’re struggling today, walking in the wilderness, clinging to hope, or searching for a reminder that God’s story never ends with ashes… I hope both of these free prints encourage you, and that the next edition of The Table will meet you exactly where you are.

free print: God's story never ends with ashes.

Click here for the PDF download of “perfectly sure.”

Dozens of other freebies (prints, lock screens, bookmarks) are available here, if you want to poke around. Feel free to pin anything you want to share or save for later! The 4 fall prints will be available as lock screens later this week, and I’ll share them on Instagram Stories so you can easily screenshot and save directly on your phone.

Don’t give up. Don’t dig up. Wherever you are, whatever road you’re walking today… take one more step. Sometimes when it looks like we’ve been buried, we’ve actually been planted. He will be enough, and we can trust that He isn’t done writing.

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