My (New) Ebook, Giveaways, and Gifts for You

FUN, HAPPY NEWS (cue the confetti!) –> The ebook is here!


After receiving dozens of requests, the ebook version of Even If Not: Living, Loving and Learning in the in Between is here!

It releases today — March 2nd — and includes all 9 prints (pictured here) in full-color. The Table of Contents is even linked to each individual chapter for easy viewing (#SoFancy).

Even If Not (such a good book!) is now available as an ebook!!!

Even If Not (such a good book!) is now available as an ebook!!!

To celebrate, I’m hosting a few giveaways + sending free gifts to everyone who orders either the ebook or the print book!

But first, did you know…

Fun fact #1: You do not need a Kindle to view an ebook. There’s a totally free Kindle app you can download to your computer or phone, which means you can read ebooks practically anywhere. (You don’t even need wifi!)

Fun fact #2: You can send someone an ebook! Which is mighty generous and also lots of fun. Select the Kindle edition of the book on this page, then click “Give as a Gift” over on the right and send away! This would be a great way to surprise and bless a friend.

How to enter the giveaway and receive a few gifts:


1. Purchase the book (print or ebook) between now and March 10th.

Forward your email receipt to to receive these two exclusive prints… and I’ll automatically enter you into a giveaway, too!

A new (wonderful) ebook + giveaways + freebies!

Everyone who forwards their email receipt (through 3/10) will receive the exclusive prints, but one email will be randomly selected to win a box of my favorite things!!! (Scroll down for more info on that.)

(Did you order a print copy of the book when it released in 2016? THAT TOTALLY COUNTS. Forward a copy of your email receipt to me and I’ll still enter you in the giveaway because I love you and you’re so great.)

YES! Even If Not is now available!

2. Share about the book on social media!

TWO people (one who purchases, one who shares) will win a box of my favorite things — and you know I had to include a Starbucks gift card right?!

For every single time you share about Even If Not on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (in a post or a story) and Pinterest, you’ll be entered to win one of the boxes! Just send an email to (subject line: social share) with the URL of your share. Every email you send with a different share link counts as an entry!

For example: if you tweet about the book + share an image on Facebook + mention the book in an Instagram story you get 3 entries.

A new (wonderful) ebook + giveaways + freebies!

You can write your own message or share/post any of the prewritten tweets and images on this page – there are dozens to choose from! I’ve even included a few new images and prewritten tweets at the bottom of this blog post for you to share, if you’re so inclined.

If you would be so kind, please mention in your posts that the ebook is now available and/or include a link to the book on Amazon. I will love you forever if you tag me on social or include the hashtag #EvenIfNotBook, but the most important thing is that you use *your* words to talk about the book + include the Amazon link for your loved ones to easily learn more.

Here are some of the things that will be given away:

some of the items being given away to celebrate the release of Even If Not!

More giveaways and fun things are in the works… but for now, can I humbly ask you to share the news with your online friends? Writing a post on Facebook in your own words, posting a shareable image on Instagram, and sending out a tweet does so much more than you can even imagine!

(Make sure to send me a link to each of your shares so I can send you free things!)

Simply right-click to download an image. Then upload to your selected social media channel! (More images and tweets are available on this page, just scroll down a little bit.)

I'm seriously really excited about this... #EvenIfNotBook by @kaitlyn_bouch is now available as an ebook!!! Click To Tweet If you haven't read this book, I'd highly recommend it. P.S. It's now available as an ebook too! Click To Tweet This is what I've found to be true: God is good. Even when I can't see His hand, I choose to trust His heart. Click To Tweet Sometimes strength isn't never being broken, but courageously growing strong in the broken places. #EvenIfNotBook Click To Tweet

A new (wonderful) ebook + giveaways + freebies!


Please note: Winners will be randomly selected from all social share and forwarded receipt emails at 11pm CST on March 10th


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A book for the broken hopefuls… Even If Not: Living, Loving, and Learning in the in Between