4 Free (Spring) iPhone Lock Screens

One of my favorite things to do is create free gifts for you that encourage, inspire you to share your story, and are beautiful reminders of truth.

In fact, that’s one of the reasons I wanted art and printables to be included throughout the pages of my book! {Those prints are shared only with email subscribers, but additional freebies are available to anyone on the Freebies page.}

As winter turned to spring and we exchanged sweaters for tank tops, I wanted something for my phone lock screen that would reflect the season while also prompting me to remember and focus on Truth. I hope these lock screens will be a blessing to you! Download instructions can be found at the bottom of this post.

free iPhone lock screens:

free iPhone lock screen of Hosea 6:3

free iPhone lock screen of Ecclesiastes 3:11

free iPhone lock screen - all that is sad will come untrue

free iPhone lock screen of Hebrews 13:8

how to download the lock screens:

Click on any of the above images and the lock screen will open in a new tab. If you’re on a computer, right-click to download, email the image to yourself, then save it to your camera roll. If you’re on your phone, hold down on the image to save it to your camera roll.

Then, from your iPhone, go to Settings –> Wallpaper –> Choose a New Wallpaper –> Camera Roll. Select the image and then click “Still” (not “Perspective”). You can then move the image around if you’d like. I always pretend like I’m shrinking the image (Think: the opposite of if you’re zooming in). This allows the entire image to show.

If you’re looking for additional prints or iPhone lock screens, visit the Freebies page or subscribe to emails here. {Email subscribers receive exclusive prints and gifts immediately and then every 1-2 months throughout the year.}

If you would like to save this post for later (or share it with friends) you can pin the image below. I’d so appreciate that!

four free iPhone lock screens for spring


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