What I’ve Been Reading Lately

Y’all know I love books. I’m constantly in the middle of three or four and, let’s just be honest, there are stacks of books piled high all over my room.

Here are three recent reads — two books and a journal — that you might be interested in.

In addition to my thoughts on each read, I’ve linked to where you can find more information and/or order the book.


Party of One: Truth, Longing, and the Subtle Art of Singleness by Joy Beth Smith
Party of One: Truth, Longing, and the Subtle Art of Singleness :: Joy Beth Smith

My thoughts: COMING SOON!




The Daily Question: My Five-Year Spiritual Journal
The Daily Question: My 5-Year Spiritual Journal

My thoughts: As soon as I saw this brand new five-year spiritual journal, I knew it would quickly become part of my daily life. I’ve mentioned the One Line a Day Memory Book dozens of times, and this spiritual journal is much like it in many ways.

There are just a couple small lines to fill in your answer to the “question of the day.” For 365 days, you answer each different question. And then you start the year over again, filling in the second section under each day — but answering the same question as before. This way, you can see how your answer changes each year.

This daily journal feels like a keepsake already, a way to reflect on one spiritual question each day, while also enabling you to easily see changes over time. An example of a few questions:

What attribute of God are you thankful for today?
What in Scripture are you grappling with these days?
What have you been studying in the Bible lately?




Fierce Faith: A Woman's Guide to Fighting Fear, Wrestling Worry, and Overcoming Anxiety by Alli WorthingtonFierce Faith: A Woman’s Guide to Fighting Fear, Wrestling Worry, and Overcoming Anxiety :: Alli Worthington

My thoughts: Fierce Faith is a practical guide combined with the personal story of one woman’s journey of learning to fight fear. Really, although having faith is woven throughout the book, a more accurate title would be Fear Fighter.

Alli Worthington not only brings the reader along on her own journey (with authenticity and grace), but invites the reader to start her own journey toward fighting fear. Each chapter looks at a different fear and then provides steps toward overcoming.

If the title (and subtitle) of the book resonates with you, take the time to read the words within. This is a battle plan to help you fight fear.


PSA: I received these books in exchange for honest reviews. Affiliate links are used on this page.