Resources During the Corona Virus

I’ll continue adding to this page as I come across helpful resources during this new, temporary normal.


Erin Moon’s We Got You Club. Of everything listed here, this is my FAVORITE. If you have a need — grocery money, water bill, etc. — or can meet a need, go here and prepare to be amazed. The comments on the Google Document brought tears to my eyes. Sometimes people are so great.

TrunkClub is offering $50 in credit and currently has several items discounted, so the credit goes much further. AKA $50 of free clothes. (Tip: Add an “extra” you KNOW you’ll keep. Socks, jewelry, etc. Even if you don’t like the clothing they send, your credit can go toward the “extra” — making it totally free.) (I’ve also used StitchFix several times and have been pleased. This link will give you a $25 credit.)

UPDATE: Now 2 months instead of 1! Kindle Unlimited is offering two months free (access to over one million books, magazines, and audiobooks). You can sign up and immediately cancel and it will still give you full access until the month is up! This works for previous Kindle Unlimited users as well.

My friend Jessica created a (free) printable time capsule download for kids.

Andrew Peterson read through one of his books on his Facebook page. (All the voices! I absolutely loved this and watched every one.)

Creativebug, a website with thousands of online classes/workshops (think: painting, baking, sewing, jewelry-making) is offering two months free. (You may need the coupon code JoAnn60) is offering a free 30 day trial that comes with 3 audiobooks.

Cratejoy, a subscription box site (think: beauty, books, fitness, candles, games), has 50% off your first box. (Look for the pop-up offer when you first go to their site! You’ll also find discounted boxes here.)

Disney Movie Club is offering 4 Disney movies shipped for $1 (total) if you’re a new member (you can cancel after).

Disney Book Club is offering 4 Disney books shipped for $1 each – and shipping is free.

Amazon Music Unlimited is offering 3 months — free — with unlimited, ad-free access to any song.


Apps to help you save while shopping online (or in stores, if you must go out)…


1. Ibotta: This app gives you money back based on what you purchase. Although you can use it for larger purchases or for dining out, I use Ibotta solely for grocery items. Just buy whatever you’re already planning to buy, then open the app when you get home. Check off everything within the app that you purchased at the store, take a picture of your receipt for verification, and they load money into your account. You can choose whether you want to pick a gift card or withdraw the cash via PayPal. I’ve saved over $100 with this app from buying things like milk, eggs, bread and produce.

This link and the code aexqxil will give you $10.00 as soon as you redeem your first rebate. Buy a loaf of bread, scan your receipt, make $10.00. It sounds too good to be true, but I promise it isn’t.


2. Drop: Essentially, before you buy anything online, check the app to see if that particular store is partnering with Drop. If so, click on the store name (like Target) while in the app. Drop will take you straight to that site (, for example) and you’ll receive points for every dollar spent because you went through Drop first. You can also select five places (one of mine is Starbucks, of course) that will give you points every time you make a purchase. Points are redeemable for gift cards from places like Amazon, Sephora, Whole Foods, AMC Theaters, etc.

This link and the code amzk4 will give you $5 worth of points right away (good toward any gift card) when you sign up.


3. Fetch: Somewhat a combination of Ibotta and Drop, the Fetch app is used after you make a purchase but gives you points that can be turned in for gift cards (Amazon, Starbucks, etc). All you do is scan your grocery store receipt and they give you points for every dollar spent, plus additional points for specific brands.

This link and the code 3CF9X will give you 2000 points right away (good toward any gift card) when you sign up.


4. Shopkick: There are four ways to earn points with Shopkick. Walk into a store (Wal-Mart, Target, Publix, etc), scan a specific item in a store, purchase a specific item in a store, or click through Shopkick before online shopping at Amazon or other major retailers (same as Drop). The specific items to scan or purchase are things like bread, milk, and pasta). The points are redeemable for gift cards from dozens of places

This link and the code WIN798059 will give you 250 kicks good toward any gift card.