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Our inboxes have enough spam and sales-y promotions. For the past decade, I’ve written blog posts and newsletters to encourage, to bring a smile, or to share favorite things . . . all with this promise: I will never click send and fill your inbox just because the Marketing Wizards say it’s been too long since I sent something your way. Nope. I’m entirely uninterested in adding to the noise — but sharing good things that will bring a bit of hope or joy? Yes please.

Every other week, I send out a short email called Thursday Things — a handful of good things I’m currently loving, reading, watching, listening to, thinking about or just discovered. In other words . . . what I’d likely text you about if I had your number or mention if we met up for coffee!

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9 totally free printables from the book Even If Not by Kaitlyn Bouchillon

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