Saying it three times in a row seems to have a different effect on me than just saying ‘joy’ one time. Anybody can have joy. But to be so full of joy that you can’t help but say it a few times, if not more? That’s really something.

I’m going to highlight a few more joys that have happened over the past few days (since I haven’t done too well keeping up :/ )

One of my favorites meals for dinner (26) tonight. So quick and easy, yet so yummy!

My boss realizing that I needed three minutes to just sit down and de-stress (27) during work today. My job requires that I’m on my feet 24/7 and helping the customer. With a smile on my face, and a great attitude. But with it being Christmas week and all, we’re swamped. I work in a mall so just imagine how many people go through the food court each day this week. Yeah. Claustrophobia at it’s finest.

But she realized I needed a few minutes to just calm down away from the craziness of lines as far as they can go back, and so many people working that at times you literally couldn’t turn around to get anything the customer needed. Ahh..a boss that notices and pays attention to customers AND employees. Definitely grateful for that.

(Courtasy of Google)

Watching the finale of The Sing-Off as a family (28). Yay Committed!

(Courtasy of Google)

Finally starting (and finishing) the essay (29) I’ve been putting off because it sounded boring. And guess what? It was beyond boring. But now it’s done!

(Courtasy of Google)

Small group Christmas party thing (30) was this past Sunday and it was fun. Good food, a fun game, and I won a giftcard to Starbucks. Yay!

Now I just need to find something I like at Starbucks, since I don’t drink coffee at all….suggestions?