About a month ago I wore make up basically every day for an entire week. I never really wear make up…so I took pictures.

Some of them aren’t even that flattering, but the make up itself looks nice. And if you aren’t interested in seeing how I look different with make up on, then come back tomorrow.

You’ll get to see pictures of me looking oh so ugly.

That ought to bring ya back.


I took this bad picture of myself, but with good make up, and did some editing.

See? :)

But then I wanted to make the back ground fade some. And I came up with this.


Here I am another night with make up on. It’s basically the same make up..but a tiny bit different haha. My hair looks better in these, that’s for sure.

 (I never said I keep my room clean.)



The last one is my favorite. :)))
That’s all for today, folks (ugly pictures coming…just you wait).
I feel like I belong in Loony Toons after saying that.