Yesterday I posted pictures of myself wearing make up – something that rarely happens.

Though I will admit to randomly putting on eyeliner a few times the past few weeks…just to try to get used to it.

I promised yesterday that I would post ugly pictures of myself today.

Apparently some of you thought that meant I think I’m ugly.

That’s not what I was saying, and that’s a whole other post for another day (though it probably won’t get written).

Long story short, I don’t think I’m ugly. Nor do I always think I’m pretty.

Do you? Because honestly I think we’re all our worst critics when it comes to how we look.

But in these pictures? Ugliness.

Don’t believe me? See for yourself.

Yeah. Not so pretty now, huh? That ^ is what happens when you’re pushed into a book case (by accident). And when you go to catch yourself on a chair…and it ends up being a rolling chair…and you just keep falling? Yeah.

It looked a whole lot worse in person. Trust me. And that little red spot on my nose? Turned into a bruise within two minutes. I made my friend look at it to prove I wasn’t making up the fact that it had already bruised. She started laughing. I bruise very quickly, apparently. And the bump that came from the red spot? Still there. After almost a month.
And oh, did I mention that we were having family pictures done the next day?
No? Well we were. And seeing as we haven’t had them done since I was, oh…nine or ten? I really wanted to look my best.
Thankfully my mom called the photographer after seeing my face…and canceled the photoshoot thing.
I’m back to normal now (thank goodness!) but I wasn’t exactly ‘pretty’ then.