I have nothing

repeat, nothing

against fulfilling your civic duty.

Nothing against it. I think it’s right and good and honorable and, at times, brave.

But I sure didn’t think I would be ‘picked’ any time soon.

I turned 18 last fall. Just over 4 months ago I became an ‘adult.’

My name got added to the list, and I’ve been picked.

Jury duty.

4 months in and my name has been selected, I’ve been given a number, a time, and a date for when to show up.

My dad went about 30 years before being picked. My mom has only been picked a couple times. And me, 4 months in.

I’m not upset, nor am I frustrated.

I’m simply, uh, surprised.

I mean, 4 months. I’m still getting used to 18 and responsibilities. What lawyer is going to want an 18 year old as a juror? So I’ll go and sit there and wait to see if my number will be called. I’ll show up and perform my civic duty.


If my country needs me to serve in this small way, then I will be there. I will show up and do what’s needed.

I just didn’t expect to be needed so soon.