You may or may not have noticed that Blogger has been down.

Either way, Blogger has been down.

But now it’s back and I can continue to write about things that no one cares to hear, randomness, and stuff that just doesn’t make sense.


I’m glad to be back, though, whether you’re glad as well I don’t know…but I’ll just jump back into where I left off Wednesday.

In the eye of the storm.

I went to the eye pressure person’s office or whatever, and they ran a few tests. I had THE brightest light I’ve ever seen shined right into my eyes. It was like staring into the sun for a long time.

They dilated my eyes and I got to wear the oh-so-attractive wrap-around glasses. Never. Again. I will ALWAYS bring my own glasses from now on.

They measured the size of my corneas (because that is supposed to give a good clue as to whether or not I have some disease that starts with a G and I can’t remember what it was.).

Eventually the doctor (a really nice, friendly guy) came out and told me that the results had come back and were good. The pressure in both eyes is in the ‘normal range’ but it at the top or the ‘normal’ scale. So it’s something to watch, but he isn’t too concerned.

When sharing the results on the size of my corneas (that is such a strange word. Honestly. CORNea?! I feel like I should be talking about food. Or the bottom of some people’s feet. Not my eye. Yuck.), he said they were really great. In fact his wording was, “Your corneas are very fat. That’s a good thing. If there’s anything in your body that you want to be fat, it’s your corneas.”

Well, good.

Good to know.

So everything checked out okay and I’ll go back again a few times for them to take a few more tests on my visual field, at the request of my neurosurgeon.

For months my eye has randomly twitched, which I don’t think is a very big deal. But my sight has also gone completely blurry at times (which I have purposely not mentioned to anyone (until telling my mom Wednesday) because I well, I don’t like to cause unnecessary panic or worried faces…and I’m a bit of a I Can Handle This freak). And sight going blurry isn’t good when it comes to your visual field. So yay for more tests.

But seriously though, YAY for my pressure being okay, even if it is a little high.

Maybe I can stay in the eye of the storm for a little while longer.

Or maybe, just maybe, I’m not in the eye at all…and I really am home free.