Last year I was responsible for writing two devotionals for Kids Camp. They wouldn’t be read by the kids, but by the Event Staff/Rec Crew.

AKA highschoolers

We go and run all the games, free time, skits, etc. While we’re there we get a devotion book (written by fellow highschoolers) to read over each morning before going to the camp and serving/loving on some kids.

I shared the two devotions I wrote last year here and here.

The first one was about unity and being a team.

The second was about sharing the news of Jesus Christ not only at camp, but every day of our lives.

This year I’ve been asked to write three different devotions for the Event Staff/Rec Crew.

I’ve been asked to write about

Living loud

Loving loud

Leading loud

Here is the idea behind each one:

Living: Not just believe but actions, deeds, and conduct should point to Christ.

Loving: A life of love is obedience to Christ.

Leading: The victorious life – “For whatever is born of God overcomes the world; and this is the victory that has overcome the world – our faith.” 1 John 5:4

The purpose of camp this year is “to challenge the kids in their walk with the Lord so that their lives would line up with what they claim they believe. Their lives should reflect Who they worship.”

I want to stick with that purpose as I write the devotionals. I have some ideas for each one, but would love to welcome your input!

What does it mean to you to live, love, and lead loud? Which is hardest for you? Living what you believe, loving out loud, or leading others in what you believe?