A group of bloggers is headed to the Philippines with Compassion International. If you haven’t been following their posts as they’ve been over there, you need to catch up! Two of my favorites have been this post by Shaun and this post by Emily.

This post has been all over tons of different blogs this week. But if you haven’t read it yet then you are really missing out. I love Compassion, I’ve said it many times. Here is a little peak into the great things they are doing, and a little magic trick God performed for Kristen. :)

And I’m sorry but the picture of the boy with bare feet walking through the trash filled water carrying their shoes? Lord help us we are so blessed and they are so grateful for the little they have.

If you’ve been wounded, cheated, disappointed, or heartbroken, then this is for you. And who of us doesn’t fall into one of those categories?

I have no smooth transition for this, except that I like sweaters and I like to read good blog posts. I know, my best skill when it comes to blogging is a transition.


Lately I have been really into sweaters. I know I live in Florida and it’s, well, summer…but the temperature is basically the same here year round. So I can get away with a sweater for a little while longer. Not too much longer, but then hey I’ll be in Alabama for months and will definitely be a fan of the sweater. I found a cute one on sale at Target yesterday, and I really like this more vintage looking one from Forever 21. And score, it’s on sale (but barely) and comes in multiple colors!


This ring is beautiful! And it’s on sale. Hello! I love the word sale. Even better than the sale is that it comes in three different color choices. Of course I’m going with the Orange Turquoise one. That’s a no brainer.

Have a great day and enjoy summer break!