I have a little secret, except it’s never been a secret. I just haven’t *ahem* posted here very much since it happened – so I thought I’d fill you in now!

I have a job.

Except, it’s really not a job because i. love. it.

Have you ever heard of (in)courage? You know, that blog I was a guest writer for years ago. That little space on the Internet that I’ve been reading every. single. day. since it began years ago? The one with the countless book clubs I’ve watched and participated in. Yup, that’s the one.

Maybe you’ve heard of it?

I work for them, with them, working ultimately for God.

The heart behind (in)courage is to welcome readers into the real. Life is wonderful and all that jazz, but life is messy. It’s hard. Relationships take a lot of work and there’s always one more thing that could be done at the end of the day…and it goes undone anyway.

So you could say (in)courage is about encouraging the hearts of women.

How did I get involved? I applied. It’s that simple. But then God stepped in and nothing was simple anymore, because He moved.

I applied, thinking I would never get it but why not take a chance? It would be a dream come true – literally. But there I was, a college student about to enter my sophomore year. It was May, finals were over, and I figured why not?

Later that summer I got an email so kindly saying I hadn’t been selected but would I like to be an (in)courager (a super great thing (in)courage began last year) – I couldn’t commit to that though because I would be in school by that time, back in the routine of classes and homework.

I never responded to the email, which was something of God.

Here’s why: one week before school began for me the last week of August, I got an email from Mandy.

They wanted me to be the first (in)courage (in)tern. I was so confused and all the way to the moon with excitement, all at the same time. I emailed back asking if there was some mistake but no, this was God’s timing and this was His Plan.

That lovely Mandy girl? She’s now my boss.

Isn’t God’s sense of humor the best?

Since August I’ve been part of the (in)courage team. I joined some absolutely wonderful people and I can honestly say they’re like my third family {can’t forget about my school family too! :)}.

So if you read (in)courage online, I edit those posts. If you like them on Facebook, I probably put that up there. If you’re a Pinterest girl then come on over, I started that and l-o-v-e pinning new things for them! And if you ever have any questions or prayer requests and you email us, I get those and respond to them.

I do those things and a whole bunch of other random stuff…and I love every bit of it.

I can’t tell you how many hoops I had to jump through to make the internship count for school – a sophomore taking a senior level class, anyone? Fun stuff! But I also can’t tell you how many doors He has swung wide open. (in)courage has been nothing short of a blessing and the best part?

It’s not over.

That’s right, I’ve been asked to stay through the summer and YES MA’AM I’M STAYING.

But wait. There’s more.

I’ll be living out another dream as well this summer. Since this is already 596 words, I’ll fill you in another day. Let’s just say God opened some doors and I can’t wait to walk through them!

Have you ever heard of (in)courage? Do you know about their conference, (in)RL? Any guesses on what else I’ll be doing this summer? :)