Would you like to know why I’ve been missing in action recently?


We drove up Thursday (left the house around 6:30am) and kept on driving through until about 6:00pm when we got to Birmingham. Checked into the hotel, went and got dinner, and then went to bed. I was EXHAUSTED because we had been in the car all day and I had only slept two hours the night before.

Then yesterday (Friday) was Move-In Day so we got to campus around 9:15am and then got everything to my room. After unpacking some and setting a few things up we headed out to lunch and Target to get food to last me through. :) Then Yogurt Mountain because that’s just the best thing in the world, and then back to finish the room some more. Then it was goodbye and for me it was straight to a Hall Meeting and then some other things that are currently slipping my mind.

Today has been jam packed full of stuff and I’m just now getting around to figuring out the wifi here (so confusinggg). We literally have had no down time because it’s Connections weekend for freshmen. Basically every moment of each day is scheduled and we’re busy doing something until 11 or later each night. By then I’m ready to crash. :)

Hopefully once school starts and I get going with a regular schedule I’ll have a regular time to write here. I hope everybody is doing so great, though!