I can’t believe I only have one more week at home.
I thought about erasing that last word and putting quotation marks around it, because it doesn’t feel as much like home here…not compared to 6 months ago at least.
Home has become Birmingham, and it didn’t take very long for that to happen.
I’ve been trying to fit a lot into the time I have left here because let’s not pretend that I’ll have any free time once I go back to school. Have you ever heard of this little thing called Step Sing? Oh my goodness. It’s the little production that Samford students put on every year for thousands of people.
Yes. I’m in it, of course.
Singing and dancing? Two of the very things I love most.
If you happen to be in the Birmingham area February 16-18 I would highly recommend you come out and watch! Many many groups of Samford students (hundreds of us!) will be dancing and singing, competing with each other to get first place.
Practices start the day I get back for classes and they are every day for HOURS until the shows begin. So imagine you get up early for your classes, spend all afternoon doing homework so that you can practice for four hours dancing (oh you know, til midnight), so that you’re prepared to dance in front of thousands of people. And then you go back to your dorm, shower, and go to bed. Only to wake up after a few hours of sleep and do it all over again.
For three weeks.
It’s going to be exhausting, but I’m SO excited for it!
I have always loved singing and dancing, so although Step Sing isn’t what made me choose Samford…it sure is a huge plus for me!
Needless to say, though, I won’t have any free time at all. I don’t frankly know how I’ll keep up with homework! But it’ll have to happen somehow.
With my free time right now this is what I’m doing:
(I know you might not care. And I know you might not want a list.)
(But I’m trying to hold true to blogging more often than I did the past few months.)
(It’s 1:06 in the morning and I can’t blog deep thoughts right now so this will have to suffice.)
(Moving on now)
1. Pinning
Yes, I’m on Pinterest and I would say it will be my downfall except that I’ve actually made some of what I’ve pinned! Amazing, I know. Pinterest is just all the rave (umm, what.) at Samford and I refused to join it last semester until I was back in Florida. I’m sorry, but I know myself and I knew I would be on it every day at school. And not just on it, but crafting instead of studying. So after spending half a day at home bored out of my mind, I caved.
It’s safe to say I’m addicted.
2. Crafting
That’s right, I’m actually making what I pin. Genius idea, I know.
3. Seeing friends
Pretty sure that one doesn’t need an explanation.
4. Babysitting
Gotta make money for the Phi Mu bill somehow!
5. Watching TV
Now I know this sounds like a complete waste of time.
It is.
No regrets because I barely watch TV at school so these 6 weeks? VACATION TIME = TV TIME. The problem will be when I go back to school and must somehow fit all these shows into my “free time” that I know I won’t have. But I can’t just give up on these shows! They need me. Ahem.
I’ve been watching Grey’s Anatomy (of course. loyal fans gotta stay loyal.), Private Practice (this new season? not a fan. but yet I watch, of course.), The Biggest Loser (guilty pleasure and something I’ve always watched with my family, so watching at school was a small way of feeling connected…only to come home and find out I’m the only one that watched. cool.), Top Chef (I would never eat 98% of what they make but it fascinates me), and lately I have found this little treasure..
Downton Abbey.
Okay. A show with English accents based in the long time ago history and issues that I can’t totally comprehend because, umm, long time ago history…and yet I caught up on two season within approximately 26 hours.
One, who knew. Two, who am I. Three, IT’S ON PBS. I am 19 and watching PBS and loving it.
6. Exercising
This just sounds like a joke, even as I type it. I don’t exercise. Ever. I hate it. When my roommate comes in our room after going to the gym and exclaims how good she feels, I’m almost positive the look on my face is not one of encouragement but of pure confusion. I don’t like pain so why subject myself to it?
But since being home I’ve begun to work out in the privacy of my own room. Shock of all shocks my ENTIRE BODY could barely move after 3 days. And then when I added stretching into the mix, I pulled something in my back and haven’t been able to walk properly. For a week.
That’s funny and just pure irony. I finally exercise and try to be more “fit” and I hurt myself so that I have to stop for a while.
My goal is to go the the gym once a week this semester, though. I know that doesn’t sound like much at all, but it sure beats the three times I went all last semester. Granted, I did try to go more often…but each time I went the gym was closed. Rooms finally stopped going with me – she said I was cursed. :)
7. Writing
More about this is to come, but lets just say that one of my New Years Goals is to write the first chapter of my book.
8. Editing
I’m sure I’ve said this before, but my dream job is to be a Christian book editor. So when I was having a catch up date with a lovely friend and she mentioned she was writing a book and needed an editor, I got just a tad excited. She hadn’t remembered that was my dream job, so when I calmly (but with a big smile on my face) offered to edit her book for her, we both looked at it as a prayer answered. For her it really was, and for me it was one of those prayers you don’t even pray because how could it happen to you now..it’s one of those far off dreams.
Well. I’m currently editing about 16 chapters worth of (wonderful) words so that she can submit it to a book writing contest soon. The deadline is pressing in and I’ve just begun editing, so that will take up most of the time I have left at home. A little sad about that fact, but very thankful for this great opportunity to love this girl and whoever reads the book by using whatever talents and passions God has given me for the written word.
It’s 1:24 so I think it’s time for me to go – but have a lovely night (morning) and I will hopefully be back soon. :)
P.S. Thank y’all SO SO SO much for the encouraging words on my last post. I’m still thinking about what to do as my next step. I think #7 might be part of that. :)