July 7th I left on my first ever (woohoo!) roadtrip and it was so so much fun! I visited friends and family in Atlanta, Chattanooga, Knoxville, Franklin, and Nashville.

Basically, I took a little tour of the south east. :)

The first stop was Atlanta, where I stayed with my aunt, uncle, and cousins for a few days. Lots of relaxing time and catching up with them. Perfect. Then I spent a little bit of time with this girl :)

She’s one of the biggest blessings God has given me through college. And the best part? We’re SUITEMATES in just 10 short days. Yayyy!
(Please ignore the fact that I look terrible and I’m short because I’m not wearing shoes. I got up early to say bye to her (she had to nanny that morning) and then I was jumping in the car for my next stop.)
I had such a great time with her doing basically nothing. Which was just perfect. I love being able to just live life with someone. We’re both addicting to crafting, so we spent most of our free time crafting, and then the rest of it playing with the kids she nannies. I might have gotten TWO holes-in-one during putt-putt. All time record.
We made tray tables to eat on this fall – they originally were just basic wood and we made them all pretty. :) Here’s the two I made that will be going in my suite! I love them!

The next stop was Chattanooga to visit this sweet girl!
She got the day off from work so we just explored downtown the whole day. It POURED the entire time. Seriously. Did I pack anything for rainy weather? Of course not. So we just walked in flip flops through puddles and explored our little hearts out. I just love their bridge in chatt. Super pretty!

We walked and walked until we got to this quaint little coffee shop where we got drinks and brownie cheesecake. Yumm! I had to laugh inside because while we sat there relaxing, a group of girls sat there studying. So nice to have a break from the studying!

What did we do after consuming all those calories? We went home to watch a movie and make what we’re calling Monkey Pie. TO DIE FOR.

Cookie crust, bananas, hot fudge, caramel, 3 different ice creams, and whipped cream. Oh my goodness.

I had such a fun time in Chatt Town and can’t wait to go back…but I was quickly onto my next stop: Knoxville! I literally could. not. wait. to see my Big! We went and saw the strangest movie ever (3 hours long and partly in another language? …..well okay), and then spent Saturday at a little farmers market downtown. Follow that up with Starbucks and quality time catching up and it was just so great. I can’t believe I didn’t even get to see her for 24 hours, but it was 100% worth it. Love her to death.

Next was Franklin where I literally crashed at a friends house and we watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S. all weekend long. It was exactly what I needed and I loved every minute of it. We explored downtown Franklin, too, and I had some super yummy chicken ‘n dumplings. Go to Dumplings if you’re ever in the area!

Then it was onto another friends’ house! We shopped for our Littles, made a long video for a friend serving overseas this summer, watched the Bachelorette and dissected every minute of it :), explored downtown again, and then went into downtown Nashville.

I was SO happy because while downtown we “ran into” two wonderful friends in Phi Mu. The two girls were my bible study leaders this past year and it was so great to see them!

Then we headed to church for a college service (so good!) and then it was time for me to sleep and hit the road (again) but this time to head home.

I stopped to sleep at the roomies house – SO great to see her again, even for just a few hours – and then continued the drive home! And now I’m here, writing this post. :)

I had a blast seeing friends. With my closest Samford friend being my roomie who lives 8 hours away, I haven’t gotten to see people this summer. The roadtrip was exactly what I needed! Where have you gone this summer? Anywhere fun?