1. First, a free printable that I’m loving a whole lot right now. Just click the link and download. Super easy.

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2. As graduation season comes and goes, I’m reminded with each ceremony and each “you can do it!” blog post that I’m already half way done with college.

How did that happen??? Seriously. Can we just hit rewind? These two years have held some of the very best memories.

I’m a sucker for posts about graduating and all that jazz. Maybe because I can still relate, or maybe because, well, they encourage me to keep going and dig in, too.

This post by Emily Freeman? It might be my very favorite yet. With all the encouragement she could share, all the words that could be said, she wrote these three:

Go make art.

Yes. Isn’t that so good. Make art with the way you live. Bring your Story with you to school, don’t forget who you are, and go make art. I love everything about this, and I cannot recommend it enough. And I might have cried reading it, for whatever that’s worth.

3. The past week has been crazy, in so many ways. Dreams coming true and all that jazz. But in the middle of all that, please know that in so many situations and with so many dreams – I’m still waiting.

There are areas where other people seem to be soaring and thriving, and I’m sitting here thinking, ‘Well, I guess I’ll just play in the grass a little while longer…’

Hold onto hope with me and with Kristen Strong, who wrote a post earlier this week For All the Late Bloomers.

At the end of the day, it’s all a matter of trust. Not just waiting – trusting. “All you can do is water the ground and wait, remembering you aren’t waiting in a time of drought but a time of finding out.

4. I’ve worked with this women for almost a year now, and I can confidently say that she’s the real deal. Lisa-Jo posted over at Ann’s place earlier this week and so many read her words – but if you somehow missed it, you’ll find them right here.

It’s all about hospitality and how to feel at home in your house and your skin. Because if we aren’t comfortable in our own skin, how can we expect others to feel comfortable in our house?

Being a college girl, it’s a little harder to apply to myself because I don’t have a house. But I have a home, of sorts. A dorm room that I hope is always welcoming. “Missing out on community is a kind of dying,” and I would never want to stunt community because the pile of clothes on my desk chair has grown high or the bowl from a cereal breakfast hasn’t been washed out. We can always open the door.

Enjoy your weekend, friends. I’ll be back Monday morning with a follow-up to There’s Power in Your Story, which was featured on (in)courage’s main page last week. Let’s just say, He’s taught me a lot in a few days… :)