Tomorrow I have the great privilege of taking a big midterm exam, turning in a final paper, and taking another test.

And as I thought about writing that, I meant it very sarcastically. You know, a great privilege.

And then I thought about what I was saying and realized…it is.

It is a great privilege to take a midterm.

To be able to think clearly enough to write a final paper.

To have a teacher willing to help me succeed.

To have the possibility to get a great education.

To have a roof over my head each day, and a bed to sleep on.

To have enough money to eat food each day.

I’m afraid that we all take so much for granted. I’m guilty of it. I go through each day, often not realizing how blessed I am. Even worse, sometimes I go through the day thinking, ‘Well if I just had that…’ or ‘Why do they get that and I don’t?’ and possibly even worse, ‘This isn’t how it’s supposed to be. I’m not supposed to hurt this much.’

And you know what? That last question is something I really wrestle with. Because everything is part of God’s plan. He knows everything going on in my life, and this is how He has planned for it to be. So it IS how it’s supposed to be.

Yet, it’s not. Because it goes back to The Fall. The curse of sin. We weren’t made to struggle with anything. But we gave into sin and now here we are.

So it’s not supposed to be this way, yet it is. Not the easiest thing to wrap your head around. I’m still trying to somewhat understand it. But regardless of how it’s supposed to be, I often am not grateful for what I DO have. And I have a lot. I’m blessed.

Do you have a hard time being grateful and seeing the blessings?