This past weekend I was pretty sick. If you don’t want TMI, then feel free to not read this here post. No hard feelings.

I woke up Saturday morning/afternoon (12:29, I believe), looked at the clock, tried to sit up, and realized that nothing was right. I knew I was sitting still, but everything around me was moving/shaking. It was like motion sickness to the extreme. I very clumsily made my way to the bathroom (thank God) and ended up throwing up.

For. The. Rest. Of. The. Day.

I’m not kidding. I stayed in that bathroom until night time. I was home alone until about 2:30 which sucked. I mean, who wants to throw up with no one there to get them a hair tie or a tooth brush? Plus the fact that I was shivering…not good.

And when I wasn’t throwing up my insides (literally), I was sleeping. Sleeping sitting up next to the toilet, sleeping on the floor next to the toilet, sleeping any which way that would let me have a break from it all.

My family had prior commitments basically all day, so I was pretty much on my own. By the time they were all home, it was around 10 at night.

I had no energy to write a post, much less make it out of the room. I had no energy to get another blanket, no energy to get my textbook and study, no energy to do anything but listen to the TV drone on in the other room.

All I could think the whole time was: I’m supposed to be posting something today. Today was my study day for Psych. This is not good.

Eventually Sunday came. I “slept in” and didn’t go to church. What that means is: I woke up at a time when I could have made it to church, but had no energy or want in me to go. I just wanted to sleep and not throw up ever ever ever again. I slept Sunday away, studied a little, and ate the equivalent of two crackers and part of a sub. Somehow it stayed down.

So that’s my story. That’s why there was no post Saturday. That’s why there was no Sunday Song. But I’m back now. :) It’s so nice to not be sick.