You know how I had that 20-25 minute presentation this past Monday? Well it went pretty well and I’m glad it’s over. Today, I had a 45 minute presentation in the same class.

No, I’m not kidding.

 I guess he thinks we have nothing better to do than be the teacher. Uhm, excuse me, sir, but I believe YOU are the teacher.

Ugh. Whatever.

Anyway, so on Wednesday I found out that he was moving my day back. Which was frustrating because I took off work to prepare etc for this. Plus he has a horrible habit of assigning homework and then never asking for it. Plus he “would let me know when I’d be presenting because he no longer knew.” Ugh.

BUT then I woke up Thursday (yesterday) morning and knew it was gonna be one of those days…

Yup, I spent the day throwing up. Again. FOURTH (almost fifth) time this year. SO annoying.

All day. All dayyyy. It sucked. But I kept thinking, “thank You God that he switched it….thank You.” Because I would have been dead. I wasn’t ready and was going to use all my time on Thursday to prepare. Luckily, God used an annoying situation to actually really help me. He’s cool like that. :)

I’m still really tired and could use a nap, although it’s almost 8 o’clock at night. Maybe I’ll just go to bed early. Mmm sounds good. I just feel really weak and spent, even though I haven’t done much today.

I don’t know if any of this post really makes sense, and I’m not going to read it over and look for spelling mistakes etc. I’m just gonna get off of here and curl up in bed.

And then I’m going to eat some jello. Because you know that jello has the power to make all my problems go away. :)

(Please pray if you don’t mind.)