Continuing on with the tour, here is Brooks Hall.
One side of Brooks:
The other side, because I know you deeply care.
Now this is the planetarium. Can’t say I would be spending much time in there, but it’s definitely cool.
The planetarium is connected to this monstrosity, Propst Hall. Propst is basically all these science. Again, a building I would not frequent, but still really cool. And massive.
On the other side of Propst is the Conservatory.
I’ll take Mr. Green, with the knife, in the Conservatory.
Oh I kid, I kid. But that’s what I automatically think of. :)
Walking back by Reid Chapel, I took this quick shot.
Here is Memory Leake Robinson Hall. This is the Law Building. Please read the name again and tell me that you didn’t laugh.
It’s so pretty looking!
Seriously, Samford has amazing landscaping. I know that sounds so silly, but it’s true! The flowers everywhere are so pretty!!!
And, they have hammocks in the big center of the circle area. I wish it had a name…
Okay I just looked it up. The area is called Sherman Circle. It sounds weird saying they have hammocks in Sherman, but hey. Whatev.
Here’s the library, which is the building you see when you first pull in the main gate.
See, opposite view of what you saw in the first Samford pictures post. Down that hill is the main entrance.
Well, we’re now half way around the circle. Please remember to keep all arms and legs inside while we continue the tour. “See you” tomorrow.