I’m either spending a day with my family, or getting tested for surgery, or in surgery, or recovering. Don’t you like how specific I am? :) Anywho, I’m writing this now (Thursday) so that something can post while I’m unavailable.
So I thought you all might like to see some pictures of what we ate in Jamaica? Mmm Mmm Good.
Or, sometimes, not so good. But oh well. This was our first meal: some kind of “garlic toast” (that was strange), noodles and…..some kind of meat (not good), and coleslaw. Bummer that I don’t eat coleslaw haha.
Our first breakfast included an omelette thing with peppers inside ( I didn’t eat it. I tried, but couldn’t.), yummy bread!, fake sausage aka hot dogs with sauce (grosssss), and fried dough that had no taste whatsoever. Some of the meals really were good. But not this one.
At least we got fruit every morning! An orange slice, a little bit of watermelon, sometimes a piece of mango or banana, and some fresh pineapple. Yay!
This was an interesting dinner. I don’t know what the meat was, but it was decent enough that I ate some. I don’t mean to sound rude at all….I’m just one of the world’s pickiest eaters. I’m not even kidding you. So, sometimes I ate just because I had to eat. Anywho, we also had funky rice, cornbread, and pasta with carrot slivers. I know these things sound like normal food we’d have here in America, but everything tastes different there. Trust me :)
This was a pretty good breakfast! We had our usual bread that I really liked, raisin bread, eggs with peppers (I just picked some eggs out), and porridge that we dumped lots of brown sugar into.
Another breakfast. Here we have our usual bread, fruit, another omelette that I couldn’t get down, and a muffin. Don’t ask me what kind of muffin. I don’t know. I just know that I ate it.
This was probably the worst meal we had, though I did eat some. There’s some strange rice, and fish fritter? (I don’t eat fish. Told you…I’m picky.), and some meat. I don’t know what kind. If we didn’t want that meat, we could have green curry covered goat.
Umm. Hmm, let me think about that. No thank you.
I really liked this meal! It got me so excited! Yummy bread, fruit, and two pancakes. They were a tad undercooked but no one cared at all. Yummy!
Our last breakfast. It was good! We had this new kind of bread that I can’t explain. It was super super soft on the buttom, but the toasted part was crunchy. So good. Then we had another omelette that yours truly didn’t even touch. And then fried banana things. So good! They looked strange, but I tried them and really liked them. :)
Well there you have it! Clearly I missed a few meals. Oh, and lunch every day was a bag of chips and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich at the worksite. Hope you enjoyed seeing some Jamaican food. :)