Okay. So many posts recently have been about the beauty in Jamaica. But I want to do another one. I want you to see the destruction there. I have one more after this one that will be great. It’ll be of the kids that are just precious. But, for today, let’s remind ourselves that it’s not all about the sunsets, ocean, and adorable children. It’s about the people who need help, but are perfectly content with what they have. Even though it’s so much less than we have. I may be sick, but I’ve had a good life. I’m content. They’re very poor, and they’re content. There’s beauty in that.
This is the Victory site. The Ohio group worked at this site every day. Last year our group carried up cement stuff to the second floor, mixed it, and poured the third floor roof. So basically this place brings back memories.

See the third floor? That’s what we poured.
Part of our worksite. Last time we were here we filled that floor (it’s going down a hill so it’s pretty steep). This time we poured the cement for it as well as completed a few other projects. By the way, this is the size of thier church. There’s a small area behind where I’m taking the picture…and that’s it.
The roof of our site.
These are all houses there.
These are all shops.
Sure does make you grateful for what you have, huh?