Most of the time I go through the day-to-day things without noticing anything much. I just pass through it seems. I’m guessing (hoping) you can relate. I wait for something big to happen, whether good or bad, to determine my joy and how happy I am for the day.

But if lots of negative little things happen, I get annoyed. So shouldn’t it be that when lots of good little things happen, I become happier and am joyful? One would think.

Too often I wait on a big (good) thing to make me feel the onslaught of joy. I don’t look for it in the day-to-day…until this 100 Joys Project. I feel like I suddenly am seeing so many simple joys that I’ve actually been jipping myself all along. I’ve been taking joy away from myself by not stopping to notice the simple things in life.

So thus begins my list from the past few days of the simple joys in my life. The ones that I’ve been passing by without even noticing, but are now standing out and making me smile.

Warning: this is long. Go grab a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, and settle down in your seat. You might be here a little while, unless you click the little red X. :)

Baking (31)

Chocolate (32)

(Courtasy of Google)

Ice cream (33)

(Courtasy of Google)

Christmas lights (34)

(Courtasy of Google)

A peaceful dinner out with the family (35)

Getting my paychecks (36)

Finally uploading pictures to the computer…and beginning the process of putting them on facebook. Some day I’ll get some of them up on here. :) (37)

Going to the Idina Menzel Concert!!! (Pictures to come :]) (38)

Twitter (39)

Words With Friends (that app is so fun and makes me question why I, apparently, can spell diddly sqaut) (40)

Teeth brushed right before bed (41)

Feeling productive (42)

An extra five minutes to lay there before getting up (43)

Just driving to drive (44)

The peaceful quietness of a car to yourself (45)

Going to see a friend (before more time passes) that could have been lost, had I reacted differently to a bad situation (maybe I am growing up…partly) (46)

Laughing out loud to jokes (47)

Christmas Eve service (48)

Hearing my friend sing a solo (49)

Dressing up (50)

Wearing make-up for holiday occassions (I rarely wear make-up except for the holidays…Christmas being one of them :]) (51)…honestly one of the most hysterical websites I’ve ever read in my life. I read it every night before I go to bed. (52)

Reading Pride and Prejudice for free on my iTouch. I read a chapter or two before bed each night because of some free app. It’s wonderful especially because I’ve been wanting to read the book for a while now. (53)

(Courtasy of Google)

Harry Potter I’ve talked about Harry Potter before, and how I haven’t read any of the books or seen any of the movies. Well, after much pushing and prodding from friends, that’s changed. I read the first book and thought it was actually really funny. I have the second book on loan from a friend and will be starting it some time this week. :) (54)

(Courtasy of Google)

Christmas card updates! Ahh I love hearing from long-lost family friends during the holidays. The pictures are always my favorite. (55)

Surprise cards from friends. It’s always fun to randomly get a sweet card from a friend with a compliment or two to make you smile. :) (56)

The Samford facebook page. It’s really neat, because it helps you get to know incoming Samford students before you ever even begin college. I’ve met 5 or 6 people now that are planning on going to Samford in the fall. (57)

Christmas music (58)

Feeling like I might actually catch up and finish 100 Joys by the end of the month. :) (59)