I thought I would finish the year off with a bang (ha. ha.) by finishing the 100 Joys Project.

And because it’s the last day of December, I’m about out of time to post these before the “deadline,” and because I didn’t have time to post them earlier in the week. Here we go (list style, of course). *bang*

Logging on to Blogger and seeing the I have new posts to catch up on (77) makes me smile. But I like it even better when I have 5-10 to catch up on and not 50 or so. Which has happened multiple times. But each day this week I’ve had about 8, and that’s definitely been nice.

Another nice Blogger thing is seeing that I suddenly have two more followers (78). And I have no idea why or where they came from. But to those two people: Hi! How on earth did you both stumble here and decide you wanted to come back around every once in a while? I’m glad you’re here. :)

Car shopping (79) with my family…although that only includes looking at cars online and driving around looking at dealerships. It’s still nice to look and hope that maybe this time I’ll find a car in my price range.

My laptop (80) that I got for Christmas/my birthday/graduation. :)

Walking carefully up and down the stairs (81) holding my new laptop…ever so careful of it falling or slipping out of my hands.

Getting two dessert orders (82) from really nice co-workers. I make and sell a bunch of desserts and all of the money from each and every sale goes towards my mission trip each summer. Even though it’s not much money from these two sales, it’s something. And each little bit helps.

Finishing a book (83) – this time it was Harry Potter (the second one). Yes…I’m liking them. :)

Researching churches around Samford (84) (Birmingham, Alabama)…and finding one that I’m really liking. Podcasts, worship music online, it all seems great. Now I have to go check it out in the fall!

Just plain old looking forward to the future that seems to be there for me in Birmingham (85).

Looking around this entire month, but especially this week, and seeing so many things that could bring me down. Then choosing to not blog (86) about allllll of them and form them into a sad list, but to instead continue looking for the joys.

Anticipation of the fair in a few weeks (87)! For some (unknown) reason I’ve been looking forward to the fair for months…and now that it’s only a few weeks away, I can’t wait! And I’m not even a big fair person….so who knows.

Painting (88). It’s the little things. It really is.

Eating the gummy bears (89) that I got in my stocking. I put some of them in the fridge and they’re so good when they aren’t as mushy and soft. It sounds weird, but try it.

Watching a movie as a family. Last night it was The Christmas Shoes (90). I truly don’t understand how people don’t like that movie.

Being called by a nickname (91) at work. Ever since middle school I wanted a nickname. Eventually I got over that, but now I actually have my first one and it makes me smile.

FINALLY hanging pictures and artwork (92) up in my room. When I’m going to bed at night and see it hanging there, it makes me smile. I know that’s simple and that I’ve mentioned lots of things that simply make me smile, but that’s a whole lot of what this is all about. Smiling. Looking for the smile-inducing things instead of the frowning and frustrating things.

Singing and dancing (93). Just letting loose.

Babies (94). Though I don’t have one and I don’t spend much time with them except on Thursdays, I think they’re just so cute. I love playing with them.

Just writing to write (95). Writing because I want to, not because I have to or to fulfill a homework assignment.

Photography (96) and just plain old taking pictures. I take so many pictures, it’s a bit ridiculous. But I love doing it.

Curling up in bed to the sound of light rain falling in the background (98).

Swinging (99). I haven’t actually done this recently, and I know I said in the very first 100 Joys post that none of this would be from some secret list of joys that I had been creating. But honestly every time I got on here to post 100 Joys, I thought of swinging. I just love swinging, and I think it deserves a spot on this list. :)

Finishing this in time. :) (100!!!)