The day is almost here.

I’ve been training (okay – sort of) for almost two months and now it’s time to race.

Yup, my first (and probably last) 5k is tomorrow morning.

At 6:00 AM.

What the heck, people?! First off, you pay to run. Then you show up at 6 so that you can race at 7:30? How is this FUN???

Clearly, I don’t understand. I’m not a runner AT ALL.

(Though we’re all runners in a way, as I’ve stated before.)

I started doing this to challenge myself. I knew I could do a 5k…but do it well? Eh maybe not so much.

But over time I’ve gotten a little faster, a little stronger.

I’m not super fly (fast. ha.) compared to almost every other living person…but I WILL finish the race. Even if it means I drag myself over the finish line.

I ran part of the course yesterday and I’m SO SO SO sore. Hoping big time that the soreness will go away before uh, 6:00AM.

I need tips and suggestions people! What do you eat before a race??? I get major cramps when running (on my right side) so I can’t eat much. I heard pasta is good the night before, and no soda. Anything else?

Help a pretend-runner out!