Some new things have been happening. A few weeks ago I shared my long time dream of selling my own artwork and handmade crafts to people I may never even meet. One of those new things that I just mentioned? Oh just the fact that


My Etsy shop, leilabird, has opened!

Click here to check it out, or go to and type in the world leilabird in the search box.

I’m not sure if you can tell, but I’m just a wee bit excited!

I’ve always -always- loved to craft, and because I’m trying so hard to raise money for my mission trip this summer, I figured I would combine the two and try to raise money by selling my handmade crafts!

I’m currently selling different kinds of artwork. Painted (wooden) letters, picture frames, wreaths, that sort of thing!

ALL proceeds go directly towards my mission trip to Panama. We leave in July and I still have $400 to raise. Yikes. But I’m hoping this will make a small dent in the $400. And yes, you read that right: ALL proceeds go towards the trip.

So get to buying!!!

(or at least pass this on…? please? :])