“In the Eye.”

I wrote about feeling like I was in the eye of the hurricane. I’ve faced being sick for months, I’ve faced the news of a brain tumor, and then I’ve faced brain surgery and healing.

And then a couple weeks ago I had to face some possible eye problems, and the doctor was worried I either had an eye disease or that the pressure in my eye had become too high because of brain surgery. I didn’t share about the eye disease part because it wasn’t too likely.

But I felt like I was leaving the eye (no pun intended) of the hurricane. Like the storm of brain surgery had come, and I had spent months thinking I was fine and healed…and then this. Eye problems. Too much pressure in my brain behind my eyes.

I went to the doctor and he said everything seemed to be fine, but that my pressure was high. Still normal, but about as high as it can go while being normal. I was scheduled to go back the following week for more tests that would show if my vision field was normal after surgery.

I went back. And I’m normal.

Shock and awe people, shock and awe.

Me, normal? Typically I would say I’m not normal at all. But in this case? I’ll take it with a big smile on my face.

I’ll go back for another checkup and more tests once I come home from college after a semester. Until then, though? I’m going to believe that there is no eye, and that my hurricane has simply blown through.