Sometimes the storm seems to have blown over, and then you realize you’ve only been in the eye of the hurricane.

I’m wondering if that’s where I’ve been for the last 10 months.

in the eye

Back in January I went to the eye doctor and he checked the pressure in each eye. It involved putting a drop of something in my eye and then shining a very bright, blue light while looking into my left eye. I had to keep both eyes open while he did this, but I failed miserably. No matter what I did I couldn’t make my right eye stay open.

He ended up making it stay open by using his fingers to force my eyelids apart.

Nothing painful at all, it was just really strange.

After looking at the left eye he switched and did the same thing with my right eye.

Shining blue light. Keep both eyes open. Left eye won’t open. Forces my left eyelid apart.

After he had finished I had to adjust to seeing again, because the drop of who-knows-what had blurred my vision. But after blinking a little bit, my vision cleared and I felt back to normal except that my eyes seemed a little dry.

Oh, and there was suddenly dried yellow stuff all around my eyes.


He failed to mention that the drops would leak yellow when I blinked, and would dry hard yellow stuff around my eyes.

I looked so attractive.

Luckily it’s easily rubbed off. I was a little weirded out though, let’s be honest. THAT was put into my eyes?! Gross.

I didn’t care so much when he looked at me and said the results of the test. One eye was fine…my right eye.

My left eye, however, was not okay. The pressure behind my left eye was WAY high. But after wearing my new glasses for a few weeks, it should be much better, so I was told.

I didn’t end up going back to the eye doctor until this past week (though I was supposed to go back in February). Oops for busy schedules.

He did the same test and turns out now BOTH eyes are WAY high.

I don’t know what the deal is, but I know it isn’t good. Hopefully it can be easily fixed with a pill or something.

My eye doctor performed this test on me because he knew I had brain surgery. I told him that my neurosurgeon had said my eyesight hadn’t been impaired in any way during the surgery, but after the eye pressure test he seemed really worried that somehow something had gotten messed up up there.


So now I’m headed to go see some eye pressure person – a specialist or something? I don’t know the title, but they’re really good with eye pressure…or something.

2:30 today. Less than an hour away.

I’m not worried, just confused. I thought this was all over. I thought it was in the past and that it was part of my Story. Part that would remain behind me.

But now I have to wonder, have I been in the eye of the storm all this time?