While I’m gone at Kids Camp these few days (and there are people still at home while I am gone. I am the only one out of town, for all the potential thieves out there. thankyouverymuch. DON’T ROB MY HOUSE. Kthanks.) I thought I would share with you the devotions I wrote for Kids Camp. You may remember me asking for your advice on the topics a few days ago. These are written for the high school group that goes. We do chapel skits, chapel games, are in charge of all the rec games and free time. The kids have their own separate devotions. The themes for Kids Camp this year were: Live LOUD, Love LOUD, Lead LOUD. Focusing on the LOUD, obviously. :) Enjoy!


Not just believe – but actions, deeds and conduct should point to Christ.
    Living LOUD can mean so many different things. At first it sounds like you should live loudly, drawing attention to yourself in an attempt to be popular, have more friends, or protect your reputation. You would want every good deed done to be known by everyone. Another meaning could be to live out loud. This type of living doesn’t hide who you are, what you do or don’t do, and it often requires a level of trust. It’s authentic.
    I think living LOUD is a mixture of those two different meanings. By living out loud and being yourself -no mask or fake smile- you’re being authentic and saying, “This is who I am, love it or hate it He has made me and I am His.” Living in that way will draw attention to yourself without ever even trying. People will wonder why you pray before eating, why you don’t talk about people behind their backs, and why you seem perfectly comfortable having a conversation about Jesus. It isn’t that you’re trying to draw attention to yourself. You’re simply showing Jesus through your words and actions, and Jesus will use that to draw people to Himself.
    One of the greatest challenges in living LOUD is the pressure to conform. It seems so much easier to go with what the world says, do what the world does, and believe as they believe. But if we are going to live LOUD we are called to act and think differently.
    “A potter shapes a lump of clay into an object of his design. The pliable material conforms to his idea of how it should look and function. Culture does the same thing to people. It has a way of molding us and conforming us to its way of looking, thinking, and behaving. Unfortunately, our culture’s values morals rarely reflect Gods values and morals, so when we conform to it, we no longer reflect God.  The Christians task is to conform to Jesus’ way of thinking and acting, even when it goes against culture. Jesus wants to break the old mold and shape us into new people.”
·         Read Luke 18:21-23 — What do you have the hardest time giving up? In other words, what are you hanging onto that keeps you from living LOUD?
·         Read 1 Chronicles 15:27-29 — David wasn’t ashamed or embarrassed to live LOUD in a way that glorified and worshipped God, even though some thought he looked silly. It’s easy to say we would do something embarrassing for God to bring Him glory, but when you honestly think about what others might think…would you still do it? Would you still live LOUD no matter the cost to your reputation, your friendships, your popularity?

Copyright, OneGirl, 6/7/11