About a month and a half ago I graduated from church (which is just a day in May each year that we call Senior Sunday where each senior walks down the isle, meets their parents that are waiting for them, and stands in front of the church. While they’re walking down, someone is reading a paragraph about them, what they’ve done, and where they’re going to college and what they hope/plan to do.)
It’s not a huge deal, but for me…I’ve grown up in this church. I’ve gone there since I was born, before I was born if you want to get technical. So to walk down the isle as a bit of a ‘goodbye’ to the church (for now, at least) was just weird, sad, and exciting all in one.
Part of our graduating class:

I would be the one with my eyes closed…

This year we did something a little different. After service where we walked down the isle, there was a reception where each senior had set up a table for everyone to look at it. On the tables were pictures, a book or frame to sign, and little objects that represent each of us. Here are (many) pictures of my table: