Well hello all :)

Life sure has been crazy busy for me this summer.

Are you busier during the school year or the summer? For me it’s always been summer, and that’s just the way I like it!

I figure I’m past due for an update, a recap if you will.

Goodness I guess I need to start back at the beginning of summer. I’ve been blogging here and there since then, but I’ve been out of town almost the entire time so I know when I have blogged it hasn’t been the same quality or as often.

Let’s see…the first week of June I was home getting ready for Kids Camp. Packing and writing the devotions for camp, etc.

Then I left on Sunday and came home Wednesday night from Kids Camp. While there I was part of the Rec Staff (for the third year) and I had a great time! I helped run the games, plan part of Kids Camp, helped with free time, was in dramas, etc.

The next morning (Thursday) I left bright and early for Senior Trip with my church. We went to Clearwater and spent a few days on the beach, shopping, and just hanging out one last big time as a group. I also went PARASAILING on that trip. Amazing.

I left Senior Trip early to go to Orientation for Samford. Mom picked me up in Clearwater on Sunday morning and we flew to Birmingham.

(In case you’re counting, that’s three back-to-back trips. All with different clothing needed.)

(That means three suitcases packed and ready the Saturday before Kids Camp.)


Orientation was Sunday night through Tuesday afternoon. We had delay after delay at the airport and didn’t make it to Birmingham until lateee Sunday night.

Monday and Tuesday were JAM PACKED with college stuff. It was literally one meeting after another after another. It was really great though! I met a girl that is now my roomie (!!!) and made my class schedule for the fall. Such a relief to have those two things behind me and now it’s all about dorm stuff and meeting new friends. :)

After I came home from Orientation I had a few days (Wednesday-Sunday) at home and then I left Monday morning for Camp. I was at camp through Friday night.

Then I was home for a week and then left July 2-9 for family vacation.

I’ve been home since then and am gearing up for my next trip.

Basically the past week and a half I’ve spent all my time hanging out with different friends and going shopping for college stuff.

Fun stuff. Which is exactly what I wanted this summer to be full of.

On the 30th I’ll be leaving for my summer mission trip (more to come later as I get closer to the 30th) and then once I get home from that…it’s time to pack for college.

And then…


Gosh this summer has been crazy busy. More so than any other summer so far (and that’s saying a lot!).

Well maybe not last summer. :) But other than that one… :)

If you’re keeping track I was only home

June 1-4
June 15-19
June 25-30
July 1
July 9-current

That’s barely anything!

What have you done this summer? Give me a recap! Have you gone anywhere?