If you’re following me on Twitter then you know that I have a to-do list of stuff to get done uh, soon. You know, by Monday. I have time, but I also have a few commitments between now and then that will take up a good chunk of that time.

Yesterday, though, I looked at my to-do list and began thinking about how it was just me and my brother at home yesterday. He was playing a game on some electronic and I was in my room debating which item to work on next.

I’m a fan of the checking off and crossing out.

In fact if I do something that I originally didn’t write down, odds are good that I’ll add it to my list so that I can cross it out.

I never said I wasn’t strange.

Anyway I’m just standing there figuring out which project to tackle next and out of no where I realized that I don’t have much time left.

Yes these projects need to get done.

But they’ll get done.

Eventually I’ll finish them all. I know that. It would be great to finish them before Monday, but in reality they can wait a few extra days.

But my brother can’t wait a few extra days, because I don’t have that kind of time left with him.

In such a short time I’ll be in Alabama and he’ll be here in Florida.

That’s so much farther away than my room and the family room.

I don’t have much time left with him, especially just me and him. So I turned over my to-do list, walked to the family room and suggested that we do a puzzle. He picked one and we sat down and began to finish this project, just me and him. We haven’t finished because he had baseball and then spent the night at a friends house…but when he gets home this afternoon I will once again put down whatever I’m working on so that we can finish the puzzle together.

I doubt he even knows I have a to-do list that has been pushed to the side. He may not appreciate this time together these two days…

But I do.

All too soon I’ll be too far away from him to just walk in the other room and suggest we do a puzzle.

So forgive me for being vacant on the blog for the past few days. I’ve been crossing things off and going from one project to the next.

But now? Now I’m spending time on something a little more important.

My brother.