While I’m gone in Panama this week (mission trip until Sunday! :]) I wrote some stuff ahead of time to go up while I’m gone. Enjoy. :)

I’ve been filling out a bit of a challenge thing where you answer a different question each day. Here’s one of them:

The 5 most memorable things to happen to you in 2010

Alright well lets see…2010 some how seems so far away.

The one year mark was huge for me. One year since everything ended…to reach that milestone was a big deal for me. There’s so much more behind that story, but it just felt so good. I felt strong. I felt older, like I had grown so much. It was a terribly hard day, but I survived it and felt victorious. Like I could continue to make it through.

I was sick for months and then found out I had a brain tumor, but I would say that the actual day that I found out I had a brain tumor is definitely in the top 5. I’ve never felt such peace in my life.

Another is the days leading up to surgery (about 5) and the week spent in the hospital after surgery. I didn’t know my own strength. Or, rather, I didn’t know His Strength. I was completely alone. At first I wasn’t even allowed to tell people about my brain tumor, and then in the hospital it was me, my mom, and a nurse. But even while feeling completely alone, I knew He was Faithful and would get me through. That week in the hospital changed my life forever. Especially one night when I argued with God, but that’s another story for a different day.

Another was my camp family. It was…amazing, to say the least. We were/are SUCH different people from all different walks of life. But I’ve never before had such an amazing camp family that I learned from and fell like I was able to impact just as they were able to impact me. It was so beautiful and felt so right and good.

Going to Samford for the first time. It felt like home. You always hear “oh you’ll just know. It’ll feel right.” Well that’s a load of crap. You’ll JUST KNOW. How? How can you just know? But I just…did. And it felt so right. Like home. I would bet no one has ever picked up on it, but I never call Florida home anymore. It isn’t home to me. Just a place that I happen to be. I can’t wait to go home in a month.