Five Minute Friday

Here’s the deal. Five Minute Friday. You go find the little prompt at the wonderful Lisa-Jo’s blog, set the time and write for five minutes, and then just stop. Where you are, no edits, just publish raw words.



You. The ones who read and listen – listen real close, right up to my heart – and write back words of encouragement, Truth from His Word, and love. You speak life and hope, trust and love right back into me. Energy to keep pressing on.

You. The ones who keep coming back. Who stop in once, peek around, and then come back once more…and maybe once more. You encourage me to write once more, to dig deep and find a way to express the inside stuff…one more time.

You. The ones who tweet and comment and email. You love me much and love me well. We’ve never met in real life, but I just know we would be great friends if we had the chance to sit down face-to-face over some good coffee. A Starbucks frappuchino, preferably.

You. Who sit with me in the hard times. Who rub my shoulders as we catch up on life. Who knows my history and my Story, with whom I don’t have to explain every little detail. Because you just know. You’ve lived life with me.

You. You beautiful ones that know when I’m at the end of my rope, my life full of stressful things and good, god-glorifying things – and you text and call until I give in and give you a way to help. We bake tens of sugar cookies together, discussing life and questions and being open with each other – all while working towards a common goal: cookies for (in)RL. Because who doesn’t love some frosting piled on more sugar? And we are living (in)RL as we talk and love.

You. Who sees me in line for coffee and come up, slide your fingers right in between mine, and walk with me to class. You could care less what people think, you’re focused on our conversation – you’re in the here-and-now with me, and I love you for it.

You. Who I email every day, who technically I work with and truthfully I do life with. You, loved ones, are my family, and you’ve taught me how to (in)courage at all times, pray together instead of stressing over the details, give generously and love Jesus’ girls.

You. The one tens or hundreds of miles away, sitting there reading these words of mine. Drinking your coffee as you begin another day, combing your hair while the kids run around, or cleaning up spills, starting the laundry, doing the dishes, and all the while checking in and hearing my heart.

You. Who love deeply, passionately. You who chase your God-given dreams relentlessly, tirelessly. You who pray hard and love strong. Who finish every day with something still yet to be done, yet somehow you do it all. Oh, do you know that you do it all? It’s enough.

You, beloved ones, are friends. I am thankful, more than you can know.

We were made for these relationships. We were made to be in community, and we were made to be community to one another. I am made for you, and you for me.

I am blessed to consider you friend. People say blog friendships, how can they be real?

I say . . . look around.