Well, it’s Thursday – but it’s also time for ANOTHER giveaway!!!

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Esther Clutch // here

I’ve never met Jess before, but she’s one of those people that you “meet” online and just want to go grab coffee with. She’s kind and open, and just loves people. She’s part of Trades of Hope – a really neat shop that helps people who are in poverty. Here’s a little bit about them:

“Trades of Hope helps individuals in poverty all over the world start and maintain small businesses. We do this by selling our artisan’s products through home parties, online parties and catalog parties. We focus primarily on women because when you help one woman out of poverty, she brings four others with her!”

Jess is one of the Compassion Entrepreneurs with Trades of Hope (see her shop here) and she’s doing a lot to sell these {beautiful} products that will help provide women around the world with the money to put food on their tables and keep a roof over their heads.

So not only are you scoring some fabulous items, but you’re helping women around the world. That’s what I call a win-win.

Here are just a few of my favorite pieces. There are SO many beautiful items to choose from!

Zulfa Spiral Cuff // here
Tri-Leaf Earrings // here
Nina Necklace // here

Indu Earrings // here
Crimson Bracelet (which is on sale!) // here
Kari Earrings // here

It’s not all jewelry though – you can find a few different bowls (like the flower one below), journals, and scarves!

Bounty of Blues Scarf // here
Flower Bowl // here
Paisley Journal // here

Some of the items (like the Haiti Signature Bracelet that is part of the giveaway!) are made by an artisan group called the Apparent Project – As Jess explained it, “they call themselves an [un]orphanage because they are helping mommas earn an income to sustain their families and keep their children in their homes.”

Jess has been to Haiti on several mission trips and she just recently adopted a little girl from Colombia! In her own words, “Of course, we are blessed to be her mom and dad, but if there were fewer orphans in this world that would be a GREAT thing.” In September, she’ll be going back to Haiti and will meet the women who make these bracelets by hand.

Yes, they roll cereal boxes and ceramic beads into these gorgeous bracelets. Now you really want one, don’t you? :) A lovely piece that comes out of such beautiful, hard work.

(Pretty much the cutest thing you’ve ever seen, right?! This is Jess and her family with their newly adopted daughter.)

For the giveaway, Jess so very generously is gifting one of you the Haiti Signature Bracelet, but ALSO the Mayan Clutch.

Can I just say I’m jealous?

I’m jealous. These products are BEAUTIFUL. :)

Haiti Signature Bracelet // here
Mayan Clutch // here

As always, it’s super easy to enter the giveaway. Just follow the rafflecopter directions below! And if you’re thinking about buying any of these beautiful items, please shop through Jess’ store so that she will receive a percentage of the sale! :) Jess, thank you so much for sharing with us your story and a little bit about these women, too!

P.S. Tomorrow’s giveaway? DaySpring items! It’ll be up all day tomorrow so make sure you check back in! :)

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