Welcome to the very last day in my WEEK of GIVEAWAYS!

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If you missed any of the earlier giveaways, don’t worry – they are ALL still open! To enter the giveaway for $20 credit to Flawed Perfection Jewelry, go here.

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Need a beautiful & whimsical piece of artwork, or a scripture to hang on a wall to encourage you each day? You’ll definitely want to enter the giveaway for a FREE 8×10 print of YOUR CHOICE from Chrissie Grace Art.

If you’re anything like me, you could always use a beautiful clutch to hold your phone, gum, a pen, and car keys. Or maybe you’d just really love a new bracelet? Good news. You can win BOTH from Jess Argetsinger at Trades of Hope – just enter over here.

To wrap up this week of giveaways, we’re going to go out with a bang! I’ve long loved DaySpring and basically every single product in their store. I love the heart of DaySpring and their mission, but the gorgeous products are more than a bonus.
You may know that I began working for DaySpring last August. More specifically, I work for (in)courage, a division of DaySpring, as their (in)tern.
I had no idea how God would use me at (in)courage, and I didn’t realize just how wonderful every. single. person is as they pour into me and encourage others at the same time. I literally get to wake up each morning and encourage the hearts of women.
Is there anything better than that?
After reading (in)courage since it first began, guest posting for them, and participating in Bloom Book Clubs, God opened the door for me to not only work there but become invested there.
And I am so thankful.
I couldn’t host a week of giveaways without including some of the beautiful DaySpring products that we often feature at (in)courage! First, allow me to share some of my favorites with you?
Just from looking around my room, I see many of the beautiful DaySpring pieces I’ve acquired over time.
At my desk there’s a big, beautiful reminder of how much He loves me. On my dresser sits my new Redeemed Makeup bag {I don’t actually wear makeup 98% of the time, so it’s full of nail polish remover, perfume, and other such things for my next trip :)}. Still waiting to be unpacked from college, my very favorite redeemed item, the overnight bag, is still full of clothes. Why put them away and then no longer be able to stare at the beautiful bag, right? :)

Urban Soul – It Is Written Wall Art // here
Redeemed – Truly Beautiful Makeup Bag // here
Redeemed – Lovely by Design Overnight Bag // here
In my jewelry box you’ll find my newly acquired ring and a few Lisa Leonard necklaces that I wear pretty much every single day of my life.

Redeemed – Trust Antiqued Gold Finish Ring // here
Lisa Leonard – By Grace Alone // here
Lisa Leonard – Wonderfully Made // here
On my nightstand sits the (in)courage DayBrightner with quotes from different posts that have been published on (in)courage. It’s amazing how so many times the quote is EXACTLY what I need to hear that day. If you saw my tweet this past Sunday, you know that God used Robin’s words to encourage me as four years rolled around.
Also on my nightstand is a beautiful vase that I politely asked strongly suggested my mom get me as my Easter present. Whenever I come home from college I always find a vase full of fresh flowers on my nightstand, and this time she put them in my new vase!

One of my newest DaySpring and (in)courage items is this beautiful FreeSet bag. It’s such a conversation starter and reminds me of all God did during (in)RL this year.

(in)courage Perpetual Calendar // here
Redeemed – Beautiful in Its Time – Vintage Glass Vase // here
Words of Community – Jute Tote Bag // here
What I didn’t realize when I first started writing this post is that I basically own the DaySpring library. Has an (in)courage writer written a book? There’s a good chance I own it, and an even better chance it’s marked up and highlighted and sitting right here on my nightstand. Here are some of my very favorites:

Grace for the Good Girl by Emily P. Freeman // here
Graceful by Emily P. Freeman // here
One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp // here
Mended by Angie Smith // here
What Women Fear by Angie Smith // here
You’re Already Amazing by Holley Gerth // here
I promise you, I’m looking at many more DaySpring items, but this post is long enough and it’s time to get to the giveaway, yes?!
I’m SO happy to be giving away three completely adorable items for you or a friend (it’s totally your call, but I would definitely keep the message board. Seriously. It’s so cute.).

Redeemed – Fullness of Joy Message Board // here
Everyday Joy Tiered Memos // here
Great Is His Faithfulness Mug // here
So there you have it. 50 of my favorite DaySpring items.
Just kidding. Sort of.
To enter to win the beautiful message board, memos, and mug – just follow the simple rafflecopter instructions below.
BONUS ENTRY: Today is Five Minute Friday over at Lisa-Jo’s and y’all know I love being part of the #FMFParty each week and writing my five minutes on the word LJ chooses. Because I love Five Minute Friday, and because I know quite a few ladies {friends!} will be over here visiting because of it, I’m including TWO extra entries for the #FMFParty crew {psst, anyone can join these, too}.
1. Tweet something along the lines of this and leave a comment saying you did so: @iamjustonegirl is hosting TONS of giveaways! #FMFParty girls, you’re going to wanna check this out! Today’s prize: @dayspring gifts!
2. Read my recent Five Minute Friday posts {if you haven’t already} and comment with your favorite, or the one that challenged you, or the one you most enjoyed writing, or the word that’s your favorite, or just well, anything. :) Love you girls!
“We leave people with an after-thought, an after-taste. I want mine to be Love.”
“We were made for these relationships. We were made to be in community, and we were made to be community to one another. I am made for you, and you for me.”
“Bravery is when you get up and do the laundry, pack the lunches, and make dinner day after day. You are brave in all your glorious little things.”
“We talk through the struggles and share in the joys, because joy shared is joy multiplied, and grief shared is grief divided.”
“The broken girl began to sing, and with a little practice she was able to fly, even with her tattered feathers. The story isn’t about the little girl – it’s about the Author of the Story, the Composer of the Song.”

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