We’ve reached a milestone this week, friends.

You and me – together.

This little space on the Internet that I long ago created has become a safe place for not only my heart, but yours as well.

You’re safe here. Your Story has a space here, and we’re all gathered round in a virtual circle, cross-legged and hearts ready to listen real well to the road you’ve walked.

I hope this is a little place (among many) carved out of the online space where you feel free to breathe for the few minutes it takes to read the words that flow.

On Friday this ‘ol blog crossed a line in the sand and took a big step forward.


That’s plain crazy talk, friends.

100 of you, clicking here and following not me, but the words He gives as I try to faithfully share?

*thank you* just, thank you.

I know I could simply say those words and leave the post like that, but we all like free stuff and prizes and giveaways and pretty things – so let’s have a CELEBRATION!!!

I asked some friend – old and new – if they would be willing to share with me (and you) as we celebrate, and so many kindly responded…and replied with a big generous yes!

Here’s how it will work:

Each day this week (Mon-Fri) there will be a new item (or items!) up for grabs. There will be a rafflecopter giveaway for each, and they will all stay open until next Sunday (the 2nd) at midnight. 

I hope you’ll come back Monday morning and join the fun! There will be items from DaySpring, The Pleated Poppy, and seriously the most beautiful jewelry from a new friend! And maybe another surprise or two. ;)

Thank you, friends, for being an Internet family of friends that stretch beyond the blogworld into real life.

See you Monday!