Five Minute FridayHere’s the deal. Five Minute Friday. You go find the little prompt at the wonderful Lisa-Jo’s blog, set the time and write for five minutes, and then just stop. Where you are, no edits, just publish raw words. 



I’ve spent years avoiding this word, this meaning of home and safety.

When community broke me, shattered a whole heart into shards, I stopped believing in love. There was no one left that I really trusted – because if those who had loved me for years could turn and walk one day, then how could anyone mean their words? How could I take anything for what it appeared to be? How could anyone love me, this broken person, unwanted by so many?

There was no where to turn but to His arms. The only option left, I realized the truth that had been staring me in the face my whole life:

He wasn’t just the only option left, He is the only option.

With Him I could never un-belong. There would never be a time when I was too much of all the wrong things and not enough of the good stuff. He has made promises from the beginning of time, and He has yet to break one.

He can be trusted.

With a bleeding heart and a broken life, I saw the truth of His Faithfulness and I dove head first into the ocean of His neverending love for me.

For me!

All of it, a gift for me.

He gives and He gives and the Lord also graciously takes away. Time and again He takes what I value and tosses it to the side, that my eyes will remain on Him.

I don’t think the brain tumor was by accident.

It was a gift.

A present from the One Who knew I would lean solely on Him. He knew how desperately I needed to see a purpose in the breaking, and my health story became a way for me to point all glory to Him.

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My life is a string of un-accidents, gloriously painted by the Artist who can see the masterpiece of my life, when all I recognize is a mess of imperfections.

I am a constant work in progress, learning and re-learning that He gives good gifts and broken people can be made whole again.
I am mended, hole-y, with cracks down every side. But with Him, there is community and love that covers all.
Even the bleeding cracks.
The Great Artist takes my red and turns it into a sunset.