Yes ma’am, we’re back again. Another Monday, another post where we join together and look at a woman from the Bible, dig into her story, and write out how it applies to us today.

Simple, really, but it sure does help me stay in the Word.

Every week when only a few link up, I once again think “this isn’t worth it, all the time and effort”…but you write and say you’re learning and thinking and enjoying it.

And I realize every week once again: I am too. This is community, right here.

So for another Monday, here we go – let’s chase history together. Ready? Go!

ChasingHistoryLinkUpBackground Information
*We find her story in Matthew 8:14-15 (only two verses!) but I’ll also be looking at verses 16-17.

*She was sick with a fever

*Keep in mind this is Peter’s mother – yes, Peter who was Jesus’ disciple.

So, What Happened?

Even though her story only takes up two verses in the Bible, there is so much to be learned here. And honestly, I’ve read these verses and not thought too much about them afterwards….but oh man, here we go!

Peter is one of Jesus’ disciples – one that we today would probably call the ‘more important’ or ‘more well known’ disciples. Out of everyone, Jesus only selected 12 – and that was/is a huge deal.

Peter’s mom becomes very sick with a fever, to the point where it says she was lying in bed…now I don’t know about you, but it takes a lot to get a women to slow down – and even more for her to stay in bed when she’s visiting her son and company is over.

Think about this…she probably rarely saw her son since he was always traveling with Jesus. He’s home, whether it’s for a day or whether he’s there for a little while to take care of her, and all she can do is stay in bed.

And then Jesus comes over. Of all people, right? I’m sorry, but if Jesus was coming over to my house it would take a LOT to keep me stuck in bed.

But it says He came into the house and saw her lying in bed with a fever. What must have gone through her mind? Did she choke out a greeting? Did she whisper an apology? Peter wasn’t there often…Surely the house was messy, no food prepared to offer. And what would a mother do in that situation? She would make something yummy and clear off the table.

Then Jesus touches her hand and the fever leaves her. Just like that. Simply a touch.

But this is what gets me:

He touched her hand and the fever left her, and she immediately got up and began to wait on him.

No hesitation, no “excuse me while I change out of my dirty, sweaty clothes before serving you,” no “if you could wait a moment, I’d like to hug you but I need to go brush my teeth first since I’m finally feeling well enough to get out of bed.”

None of it.

She just served. Immediately.

Bad breath, messy hair, sweaty clothes.

She wasn’t concerned about her appearance or what else hadn’t been accomplished since becoming sick – she focused solely on serving Him. The rest was background noise.

If we continue onto verses 16 and 17, they say:

When evening came, many who were demon-possessed were brought to him, and he drove out the spirits with a word and healed all the sick. This was to fulfill what was spoken through the prophet Isaiah: 

“He took up our infirmities and carried our diseases.”

I don’t know if we can be sure of this, but it sounds like Jesus stayed with them for a while, until evening came. When many demon-possessed people were brought to him, it’s quite possible that they were brought to Peter’s house, where his mom had been serving since she was healed.

If that’s the case, then we can go on to say that it was at Peter’s house that this prophecy was fulfilled.

Now, the prophecy was fulfilled because of Jesus. End of story.

But…wouldn’t it be so neat if they were still at his house, if Peter’s mom was still there, finding an empty seat for those who had just been healed, offering a warm bowl of stew or soup to those that are hungry – all while knowing the Healer, the Bread of Life, is right there in the room?

And she would know. He touched her. She was healed.

What Does This Mean For Me?

My life feels a little messy. Sometimes I feel like I’m still wearing yesterdays clothes and everything around me could use some picking up.

But when Jesus enters in, any time spent worrying about the mess or the lack of food to offer is time wasted.

When Jesus heals and is standing there, what can we do but immediately serve?

Jesus has healed, and we can do nothing but serve. Him. Friends. Family. Strangers.

And when the people keep coming, let’s not be overwhelmed. Let’s pour another bowl, find another chair. Maybe we’ll get to witness a miracle, as they witnessed a prophecy fulfilled.

She didn’t waste any time; she got right to work. But it wasn’t the busy work of making things look nice or keeping up appearance – no, she got busy serving, taking no time to care about how she appeared.

A lot of times I like to have things organized and clean before I open the door for Jesus to come visit. I stuff all the yucky into a closet and shut the door, then I fling wide the door to a bright and sunny room saying, “Hi, come right in! I’m so glad you’re here Daddy!”

But He’s already there and He’s seen what went into the closet before I ever tried to shove it in.

He didn’t stay away from the sickness, the mess, the smell, the dirty dishes or the piled laundry in the corner.

He enters right into our mess and if we’

It changes everything.

Will you open up the closet door for Him today? He’s already seen it all. He’s already there…don’t waste time trying to look pretty. Let Him see the sweaty clothes, your flushed face and tired body.

Life doesn’t need to be perfect, it needs to be real.