Can I just say hosting all these fabulous giveaways is so much fun?! It is. I love that so many of you come back each day to enter yet another fantastic giveaway.

None of it has anything to do with me (well, minus the Tuesday giveaway that I’m doing)…it’s all thanks to these generous ladies who have offered beautiful products to y’all. Today’s is a special one to me. :) Before we begin the new giveaway, make sure you’ve entered all the other ones!

Monday: $30 shop credit to Pen and Paint (gorgeous art prints)
Tuesday: Redeemed necklace from DaySpring (yeow. love that company!)
Wednesday: $25 shop credit to Marine Parents (bags, chevron, ruffles, adorable)

Today’s giveaway is from Bubblewrapp’d, an Etsy shop where Andrea creates custom art in the form of painted wooden blocks. Everything is made to order, and I own my very own Bubblewrapp’d creation – two, actually! But we’ll get to that in a second…first, see for yourself how beautiful it all is.

Because everything it made after you order it, you can decide what colors you want used on your block. Andrea also has sets – and some you obviously can customize, like the wedding one below.

One of the things I love about Bubblewrapp’d is how simple things can be – just one word – and still it makes a big impact. Here are three examples of some of the blocks with just one word.

So. How did I hear about this Etsy shop? It’s a little strange, but I actually came across Andrea’s pretty creations through Instagram! She was hosting a giveaway via her Instagram…and I won! I was able to pick one thing from her shop and have it customized. I had such a hard time so we brainstormed and I got two small blocks instead of one regular. It was SUCH a surprise to me that she did this – seriously y’all, Andrea is awesome.

Another thing that I really loved is that she let me change the colors AND I created my own block with my favorite verse. Because you know, I just had to. :)

The block I chose from her shop is the Dream Bigger Block – the one I “created” is the love much, love well block (here’s a little of why I chose it). I’ve moved the blocks all around my room, trying to find my favorite place. They look great together or separate, but for now they’re both together – until college, when the search for the perfect spot begins again.

Today Andrea is giving away the Dream Bigger Block, and if you want it in different colors (either the block itself or the words) that’s totally okay! It’s up to you, just let her know!

Big thanks for Andrea not only for my beautiful blocks, but for being generous and giving even more to one of you!

Want to make sure you know next time she has a giveaway or sale? Check these out: Shop // Blog // Twitter // Instagram

Preview: Tomorrow’s giveaway is from Andi Gould Designs. Think: handmade jewelry!

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(all images – besides the last three – from Andrea’s shop with permission)