Today I’m writing here. God has opened doors and I have joined the ranks of women over at More To Be, encouraging teens and mentors and mamas. It’s not about doing more or trying more, it’s about learning to be more like Jesus. Won’t you join us? It’s my very first post there…and I’ll admit, I’m a tad bit nervous, but so honored and excited for this opportunity to love His daughters through another avenue! Today we’re talking about feeling alone….don’t we all? Alone in our rooms or in a large crowd, it’s easy to feel lost and lonely.

I’m not a bird person. 

We never had a pet bird (actually, we never had a pet at all. cue sad sigh). I never went bird-watching. I can’t tell the difference between birds unless you’re asking me which one is a vulture compared to a bluejay. 

I’m pretty confident I could get that one right. 

But birds in general? I just don’t really care that much. 

I pause to admire them and gasp when I see an eagle soaring, but most of the time they’re just those black things that sit on the wires of intersections. 

All that changed last year when God used a little bird to teach me a big lesson.

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It was half-way through my Freshman year of college and I was so ready to go home. As the radio played I started to pour out my worries to the One Who always listens. I pretended he was sitting in the passenger seat and I told Him how much I needed a reminder that yes, it really will all be okay. 

I glanced out the window and saw a bird flying by. I didn’t think anything of it until I saw ten more pass my car window. Somewhere deep inside I heard a whisper from the only One who could know how unsure and lonely I felt, “Daughter, I love you this much. As far as these birds go, my love goes on even further for you.” 

To my complete surprise, hundreds of birds came out of no where and continued in a V formation in front of my window. I learned forward, trying to see the end of the birds…

Keep on reading right over here, will you?

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