This. Written around 2 o’clock. In the morning. Because that’s the time I should be sleeping but instead lay with eyes wide open tossing and turning. The thoughts roll every night, and a few days ago they came in “sentences” of four words. It’s a little strange, but I think maybe one or two will be able to relate, because don’t we all think a few of these things?

This isn’t poem and it isn’t a post. It’s not really a story, yet it is. Because we all believe lies…and we all need to sit down and replace them each with a truth or two.

It isn’t good enough
No one will read
No one will care
It doesn’t draw attention
I shouldn’t want attention
I’m bad at this
Others do it better
I’m empty of words
I’m empty of thoughts
Why use this mess
This story is broken
No one will understand
It won’t make sense
They won’t get it
I will be judged
I’m just one voice
How will they know
How will they see
Things I wrestle with
Many lies I believe
Reasons to stop writing
But God is Author
He created the language
To change a generation
To impact the world
Speaking truth in love
Words can shape lives
Words can change lives
It began with a story
We each live story
Your life, a story
I will keep writing
I won’t give up
I am a writer