I love me some Annie Downs.

I’ve never actually met her, but I’m almost certain we would hit it right off and be fast friends.

Working behind-the-scenes for (in)RL, I watched every video multiple times before we kicked (in)RL off. I’m not gonna lie – I cried every.single.time. Annie read her blog post on paving the way for single women.

That should probably be embarrassing but I’m truly just grateful for this woman who will get up and be vulnerable time and again so that others have the courage to do the same.

She wrote a book recently and I’m sure you’ve heard about it on the Internet at some point. Perhaps in her words about Miley Cyrus?

Yes. There was that.

But this book, Speak Love: Making Your Words Matter, is one I feel my generation needs. We’re called to speak the truth – in love. There’s nothing easy about that, I know. But I just know Annie is going to share some wise words of wisdom in this book.

Which is why I snatched it up in .325 seconds when I realized it is only .99 cents on Amazon.


For the price of a peppermint mocha you could buy this book for yourself and three of your friends.

Seriously, I’m more than willing to spend .99 to learn and be encouraged in something that is so vital, so Biblically sound.

Speak love, friends. It’s more important than we could imagine.

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