Happy New Years, friends!

Yesterday I shared a list of my favorite posts from 2013 but today is all about you – because if you haven’t read these words and seen these videos, you’ve really been missing out.

Go grab a cup of coffee or tea, a warm blanket, and curl up all cozy before you begin. Carve out half an hour today or come back for five minutes every day or two until you finish, because these 13? They are something special.

1. On Letting Our Girls Be Themselves :: Lisa-Jo Baker

2. Sadness and Madness :: Beth Moore

3. 3 Words for the Graduates :: Emily Freeman

4. How the Hidden Dangers of Comparison Are Killing Us: The Measuring Stick Principle :: Ann Voskamp

5. When You Want To Give Up :: Holley Gerth

6. Portion :: Angie Smith

7. A Prayer for the Brokenhearted :: Ann Voskamp

8. Grace :: Beth Moore

9. You’re Welcome :: Sarah Markley

10. Be Present, Even When You’re Most Afraid :: Bonnie Gray

11. What to do When Your Art is Rejected :: Emily Freeman

12. When You Think Your Love Story Is Boring :: Lisa-Jo Baker

13. Harbour :: Angie Smith


Links around the web that I’ve loved, read again and again, and watched on repeat.

Shrinking Women

A peek inside my sketchbook

A Husband Took These Photos of His Wife and Captured Love and Loss Beautifully

Inspiring Encounter on the High Line

Couple Married 61 Years Ago Takes “Up” Pictures

(in)courage Share It

Westjet Christmas Miracle


Alright – your turn! There must be a million things I’m missing…2013 was a great year! Won’t you share in the comments or send a tweet?

Happy New Years, friends!